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First things first, Scrum is an agile framework that helps teams and businesses develop high-quality software, web, and mobile applications. A scrum team consists of developers, product owners, and the silent leader: The Scrum Master. He/She serves their team by keeping them aligned with the scrum foundation and values. Meanwhile, he/she remains flexible and open to opportunities to improve.

Divided by short pieces of time, called sprints, a scrum team commits to deliver advances of the tech project to the client. This makes room for flexibility. It also assures that the goals of your product are met within budget, deadlines, and functionality.

Now that the context is settled:

Why Is Santa the Perfect Scrum Master?

Operating one of the largest enterprises in the North Pole since the beginning of time can’t be an easy task. So how does Santa do it? A safe bet is he’s using the later-mentioned agile framework: Scrum.

Reason #1: the Scrum Roles

A production of that size is a team effort, and who’s helping Santa?

  • Developers: Elves are the main power source behind the product. They create toys and other amazing gifts by working as valuable team members, using their expertise to get the best quality product up to their client’s demands.
  • Product owner: Who would be the middleman in this operation? The parents. They translate the needs of the clients and the features of the product. Finally, they make sure that the elves deliver the best and most valuable product possible.
  • Scrum Master: The one that ensures the team has their head in the game, that they remain effective and agile, the man of the hour: Santa. Performing his role as a coach, teacher, facilitator, and mentor Santa makes the work of the elves shine while keeping the client happy.

Find more about Scrum roles in our Tech Webinar: Don’t know SCRUM? You’re Behind the Curve!


  • The Client: If you read so far, by now you know who the client is: The kids, they are the ones with the need, they did their part and behaved well, so now they get to write their letter and request their gift to the product owner – their parents.

Reason #2: the Three Pillars of Scrum

Scrum is data-based, fact-based, and experience-based, taking an empirical approach to remain flexible and adapt to changing needs and requirements.

  • Transparency: Elves, reindeer, Ms. Claus, everybody is in on it, they know what’s going on and are easily recognized and appreciated for their efforts when doing a great job.
  • Inspection: Good or Bad? Naughty or nice? There’s always an inspection every step of the way in Santa’s processes, so you can rest assured Santa will deliver the perfect present under your tree for you.
  • Adaptation: Being adaptable in an agile framework means being open to change when there’s an opportunity to improve, and Santa is the perfect example of a greatly adaptable Scrum Master. What happened when Rudolph’s nose shined bright and red? Santa moved him to lead his sleigh.

Reason #3: A Servant Leader

Leadership isn’t just telling people what to do but providing the best circumstances, tools, support, and anything the team needs to perform at their best, that is why they call the Scrum Master a servant leader, helping others is what they are excellent at.

  • Helping his/her Scrum Team: Santa’s the boss, he coaches his team to self-manage and cross-function, remove blockers out of the way, and ensures that his events are positive, productive, and within the timebox.
  • Helping his/her Product Owner: Santa helps parents by being a way for their kids to ask for what they want and establishes the processes and environment where elves can understand what the product requirements are.
  • Helping his/her Organization: Who could be the best spokesman for Scrum if it’s not Santa? Through example, Santa has proven to be the perfect Scrum Master there is, someone committed to giving you what you want, putting in the effort to make the process easy for you and the elves.


Santa is the perfect Scrum Master, drops the mic.

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