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Let’s celebrate this holiday season together!


The holiday season arrived

And Milton, the CTO had much on his mind.

Although most of his peers where on PTO

He wanted to start the year off with a clear backlog.


Overwhelmed with tech projects and all alone

No developers or QAs he could rely on

With deadlines rushing and no options left

Milton looked out the window and whispered under his breath:


“My team needs help, but Finance won’t budge,

Our hiring budget is limited, and for holiday season we need to move fast”.

A star fell from the sky as Milton heard

A “Ho Ho Ho!” booming from the lobby and jingle bells.


Milton ran as fast as he could

He knew it was impossible but didn’t lose hope.

There he was the man of the hour

With a red suit on, standing tall like a tower.


“Hello Milton, it’s nice to see you

It’s been a long time since you were a boy,

I’m glad you are grown but if you don’t mind me asking

Why the sad look?” He asked frowning.


Milton looked at Santa

And told him about his predicament

No way he could enjoy the holiday season

With such a big workload, that was his reason.


“No need to worry, your problem is easy to fix

Good news is this year you’re on my nice list

So let me give you a scrum team that’s happy to help

Flexible and agile so you can go home and rest”.


Santa called Advancio and they quickly hooked him up

With a Scrum team committed to Milton’s goals and a friendly budget for Finance.

Now Milton is resting inside of his home,

Enjoying the holiday season without any bugs.


A Last Thought before Christmas

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