Getting Started with Angular Material

When: June 30th, 2022
Time: 5:00 PM PST
Where: Online Webinar

Angular webinar by Advancio
Angular webinar by Advancio

About Our Talk

On this course we will go over the necessary steps to set up and review the main features of the Angular Material library. You will also learn how to include a diverse set of components and theming configurations for your project.

We will have a live exercise where we will show you how to install the Angular Material library on an Angular Project.

Who is this event for? 
Any UI/UX designers and frontend engineers that wants to speed up their time development efficiency and easy library design and template management.

About Our Instructor

Angular webinar by Advancio

Edgar Quiroz

UI/UX Lead Engineer at Advancio with a strong background in design and front-end development creating a perfect blend between style and function for web projects.

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1. Welcome by Advancio Team
2. Introduction
• What is Angular Material
• Pre-requisites
• Pros and Cons
3. Installation and set up
• Installation steps to follow and configuration options
4. Components
• Concept and definition
• How to import the components
5. Theming
• Default themes overview
• Creating a custom theme
• Color palette tool
6. Open Mic for Q&As