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Learn Here about the 5 Levels of Developers

Maybe you have heard about the three main levels of developers, junior, middle, and senior. These job titles are good to help the clients to understand the competency levels in the IT industry.  There are another two levels that have been taking place in the IT world which are the architect and the unicorn developer. 

Understanding the different developer levels is crucial for making informed hiring decisions. This blog post will guide you through the five key developer levels, helping you identify the right talent for your specific needs.

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As you can see each level helps us to catalog the experience and abilities of the developers. There is no rule for scale from level to level, everything will depend on each programmer and their ability to learn and develop in their own area. Improve your skills by joining Advancio!

Tips to Level Up Your Experience as Developer

  • Be proactive, that means try to listen and watch more than speak. That doesn’t necessarily mean not raising your hand in each opportunity you have to offer meaningful ideas to your team. Do it every time you can but being humble to keep learning.
  • Learn from your team new approaches to solve issues as well as time management practices. Also, don’t forget to return to books any time you need it to learn new programming languages and methodologies.
  • Share your experiences and development knowledge with your team to show up your commitment with your good performance together. Remember than being a team player also means help in case you need it to success.
  • Take courses based on your career growth and trends to be up to date with new market challenges.
  • Try to beat your own personal challenges in time and quality to become more agile.


Understanding the different developer levels empowers you to make informed hiring decisions and build a high-performing tech team. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration, you can cultivate top talent and unlock the full potential of your development team.

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