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Team Cost Calculator

Capacity is based on 8 hours per day, 5 days per
week and 2 weeks per sprint.

When it comes to scoping talent or augmenting your existing development team, having clarity on what you need and what your expected budget is a game-differentiator. Try our Team Cost Calculator and find the winning team structure to jump into your next project or business goal.

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The Advancio Way

With Advancio at your side, you’ll operate a customized user-focused web, app or software solution that supports both your back and front office needs. Here’s what you can expect:

Who We Are

Advancio is an IT outsourcing and software development company founded in LA that connects people with global talent and tech solutions.
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What We Do

With presence in different countries, we focus on staff augmentation with dedicated stack, software development with diverse tech stacks, and solutions like chatbots and digital transformation.
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How We Do It

We focus on detecting and developing top talent by empowering diversity and career growth to build strong partnerships based on full project completion and high-quality solutions.
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Why Us

We provide speed to market with prevetted talent, increased liquidity by providing resources to operate, flexibility in time zones, and a competitive edge with advanced technology for businesses to stay lean and nimble.
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