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Our Response
to Safety in the
New Normal

Together we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. The Coronavirus pandemic has been challenging us, our families, our businesses, and our communities in more ways than we can predict.

But it has also shown us what we are made of and that we are able to create more than we would have imagined. As the challenge persists, so do our efforts to create a new normal based on what we have learned and can achieve.

This is how we’re approaching the situation at Advancio.

A Message from our

“The last few years have been a testimony for humankind, that nothing is more important than to be prepared. Our relationships, jobs, and health depended on how we reacted to abrupt and unexpected circumstances. So what did Advancio do? We adapted.

Advancio changed with the new normal, we expanded our mindset to embrace, to find a deeper meaning in what we do, to take on new challenges, to build community, and to live healthy and balanced lives.

Yes, granted we covered ourselves from head to toe with gel sanitizer and covered our faces with PPE, but immediately after that, we knew that changing how things were done was the only natural step to survive and thrive in this new world.

A bright future is ahead for us all, we just need to stay ahead of change and think of innovative ways to pivot and to do all of this staying true to our values and our larger-than-life purpose of developing extraordinary people to build extraordinary things”.

“We have been challenged, we have been tested, we have been pushed outside of our comfort zone. And although some may think that the pandemic is over, we know there are still more challenges ahead for us all.

The economic recovery, the goal to reach herd immunity, the adjustment to the new way of working, to name a few. Those are all still ahead of us, I am the mother of four kids under the age of 12 that just sent her kids back to school.

I know, from personal experience, that we need to stay vigilant, we need to stay ahead of change and need to fight the good fight.

Humankind is resilient and above all,  we survive and thrive in challenging times. I am team humankind and can’t wait to work with our employees, vendors, partners, and most of all our clients to overcome this invisible enemy. Challenge accepted!”.

Help Us Supporting
Our Communities

During this time, we have been supporting our districts through philanthropic donations to support our local communities where we live and work. We’re also making some of our technology available for our customers, partners, and communities.

If you are aware of other opportunities for us to help others with our technology, please let us know at

As we go forward, we’ll be sure to keep you updated, and know that we always value your questions, ideas, and feedback.

FAQ’s and Resources

COVID-19 FAQ’s for Clients and Employers

What are some of the contingence actions Advancio has made?

Here at Advancio, we know health and safety are a joined effort between us all.

We are grateful to all of our talents for taking care of themselves and their loved ones by following sanitary protocols.

To keep our working environment safe, we have:

  • Temperature check and PPE protocols at entry
  • Established a more frequent cleaning and sanitizing schedule.
  • Configured socially distanced floorplans.
  • Access to hand sanitizer stations throughout the workplace.
  • Opened mental health resources through HR Portal.

Here are some things we expect you to implement to help keep our workplace safe:

  • Go home if you feel sick.
  • Wash your hands often, and for the recommended 20 seconds.
  • Stay at least 6 feet apart when moving through the workplace.
  • You may, but are not required to, wear a face mask or cloth face-covering in the workplace.
  • Be considerate of your co-workers (remember, we’re all in this together).

Am I required to wear a mask when visiting Advancio's offices?

The health and safety of our clients and team members have been our top priority throughout the pandemic. Advancio continues to recommend face coverings for unvaccinated team members and clients at all Advancio offices. We follow all local mandates, as we have throughout the pandemic, and continue to monitor guidance from the CDC closely.

What is Advancio’s plan for eventually rolling back remaining COVID-19 operational protocols?

With the safety of team members and clients as our top priority, we’ll continue using local and official government guidance to inform our decisions. As we have throughout the pandemic, we’ll communicate regularly as our coronavirus policies evolve.

What’s Advancio doing to keep clients and team members safe in offices?

Throughout the pandemic we have invested in expanded safety, social distancing and rigorous cleaning routines, including:

  • Frequently disinfecting and cleaning our offices throughout the day, focusing on high touch areas like door knobs.
  • Stationing a team member at the office entrance to monitor temperature.
  • Using plexiglass partitions between each desk.
  • Providing team members with face masks.
  • Strongly recommending face coverings for unvaccinated clients and team members
  • Monitoring and metering client traffic as needed to promote social distancing .

We’ll continue to listen to guidance from local government to keep our team and clients safe.

What are Advancio open hours?

Advancio office hours are now the same as before the pandemic: Monday to Sunday, from 8am to 5pm.

COVID-19 FAQ’s for Job Seekers

Am I required to wear a mask when visiting or going to interviews at Advancio's offices?

The health and safety of our clients, visitors and team members have been our top priority throughout the pandemic. We continue to recommend face coverings for unvaccinated team members and guests at all Advancio offices. We follow all local mandates, as we have throughout the pandemic, and continue to monitor guidance from local government.

What is Advancio doing to help team members get a coronavirus vaccine?

  • We encouraged all of our team members and clients all year to get the coronavirus vaccine, and we know that getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and your community from COVID-19.
  • We’re incentivizing our team members to get vaccinated by providing all hourly team members who choose to be vaccinated.
  • Our top priority throughout the coronavirus has been to keep our team members and clients safe.

What is Advancio’s remote work guidance for team members?

As we plan the future of work for our team members, our top priority remains their health and safety. Based on the continued impact of the coronavirus, we’re planning a gradual return to the office.  Advancio won’t require any high-risk team member to be in the office for the remainder of 2021 unless they already have a job that needs it. We continue to turn to public health experts for guidance on the coronavirus.

How is Advancio supporting team members' mental, emotional and physical health during this time?

Advancio’s internal communication channels towards HR are open at all times for members who have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, where we redirect efforts to offer counseling and will work with a flexible and personalized approach with each team member to ensure their health and safety.

What does Advancio do about cases of the coronavirus among its team?

We treat every positive case of the coronavirus with care and work hard to maintain a variety of cleaning, social distancing, and safety measures to protect our team and guests. We are transparent with our team and share the steps we take after learning about a positive case.

  • We communicate with team members who have a positive or presumptive positive case of the coronavirus. We provide them with information about our coronavirus benefits, including quarantine, and health department guidelines.
  • We swiftly inform team members who work at a location where a case of the coronavirus is confirmed.
  • We work quickly to deep clean and disinfect the desk and office, which is the recommendation of public health experts. We follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and provide information that any health department requests of us.

We encourage our team to come to us with any questions or concerns so that we can quickly support and address them.

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