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If you are familiar with Microsoft’s products and solutions, you might have heard of Microsoft Partner program. Although any member of this program assures you a quality standard, working with a Gold Partner brings your company the expertise and top-notch knowledge you need and deserve.

What Is a Microsoft Gold Partner?

A Microsoft Gold Partner is a partner, often a company or organization, that has achieved the highest level of competency when implementing and supporting Microsoft products.

Microsoft offers three reliable certifications -or competencies as they are formally called- that help distinguish the partner you are working with or considering working with.

The Gold Competency is the elite tier of Microsoft Partners, with the best-in-call capability within the Microsoft solution area. This badge is not only a good sign that you are working with a specialized team, but as it you have to earn it annually. You can be sure that partner is up to date with the latest innovations form Microsoft.

Benefits of Working with a Microsoft Gold Partner

  1. More Experts at Your Service

    In order to join this elite group, a Gold Partner must have at least 15 individuals within an organization that have passed various core values exams and 5 out of those 15, have to pass additional specialty exams. This translates to at least 15 experts on the team foreseeing your company’s needs and familiar with latest Microsoft technology.

  2. Quality Solutions

    A Gold Partner not only knows how to implement a Microsoft solution, this partner is top-notch. So, you can rest assured that you will only get the highest level of company customer care, technical capabilities and a unique collaborative relationship with Microsoft.

  3. Microsoft Certified

    If you are looking to implement solutions as .Net, app development, build dev teams or other suited and more specialized solutions working with a Partner with a Gold Competency marks a difference. It lets you know they will get hands on the project since they already have the knowledge to do so. All endorsed by Microsoft itself.

Only 1% Have a Gold Competency

 When we said “elite tier” we really meant it. It is not easy to earn the badge and to keep it year after year, so when you find a Partner with a Gold Competency you really are face to face with an organization in the 1% of all Microsoft Partners, that have achieved the highest level.

Advancio Is Now a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner

Still looking for that Partner? Look no more, Advancio is one of them! We are now glad to announce that we have earned the Gold Competency. So, we’re certified to offer you the highest level of attention. Whether it is migrating to Microsoft Azure, implementing .net, app development or any other Microsoft Products our team of experts can help you, or even become part of your team!

Start working with a Microsoft Gold Partner now. Here at Advancio we help you get the work done, always with the best quality. Now Microsoft certified.

To learn more, leave us your information and we will contact you.

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