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Founded in 2010 in Southern California, our company has grown to become a leading global software development and IT Outsourcing provider, helping companies of all shapes and sizes grow.

This has been our story so far…

Let's Meet!

(2010) Let’s Be Real

A company does not become great overnight.

Our co-founders, Karim Jernite and Josie Lopez are fellow CSUN Alumni and SoCal natives. Advancio was founded in 2010 with one goal in mind, to help businesses reach new levels of productivity and growth through technology.

But, they hit one huge roadblock early on: tech talent was in high demand. With Silicon Valley a short commute away, it was no surprise their best engineers were constantly being recruited by tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

That is when they realized they can create a win-win by hiring engineers locally and abroad, offering them a remote job they love, doing what they were born to do…while building great custom software for US-based companies. We worked tirelessly to perfect the product. From setting up offices around the globe to building flexible pricing plans. You name it, we did it.

(2010-2015) Life Could Not Be Better

Double-digit growth:
We where on top of the world.

Hit the million-dollar club two years in, experienced double-digit growth year after year, won countless awards and delivered services to world-renowned clients. Advancio almost grew without trying, word-of-mouth was our main source of business and we could barely keep up with demand.

(2016) The Fairy Tale Came to a Stop

No growth, high turnover…
What is going on?

Around year five we hit a sudden plateau. Began to experience high turnover in clients and employees; it seemed as if no matter how hard we tried we were not growing. This became the first year we did not experience double-digit growth and that stopped us cold in our tracks.

It made it crystal clear we had to do something about the lack of growth. We committed substantial investment to diagnose and treat the problem.

(2017) We Had to Fight to Grow

Determined to fix
the problem.

So we went straight to work and hired consultants, conducted market research, internal studies, and really fought hard.

The reports all showed that we had to focus on delegating, creating high-level management and structured processes. But, how do we deliver a high-quality, innovative solution without it consuming endless resources or time… it was not easy but, we did it.

(2018) Changes Were on the Horizon

From new process
to new management.

First, the major change was that we adopted EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System. The tools of EOS are used in over 60,000 companies and are featured in Entrepreneurs, Forbes, and Inc. This has enabled us to have a framework for running the company without having to reinvent the wheel.

Second, we hired a new executive team that brought with it, many years of experience. They helped lead the efforts towards documented processes that meet ISO certification standards including our patent “Human-Tech” process. This has given us a high-quality consistency all our clients have grown to love.

(2019) Hard Work Pays Off

We came back
with a vengeance.

Countless more changes were implemented and our numbers came back to double-digit growth, happy clients reporting an average 95% satisfaction rating, project estimations having 91% accuracy, and our employees scored us a 4.5 out of 5 ratings.

It was not easy but we understand that great companies are not built overnight, they are built through hard work, diligence, vigilance on numbers, business and market environment, adapting quickly, and staying ahead of change.

(2021) Evolution: Always Our Next Step

Standing up to the challenge.
Announcing Version 4.0

In March 2020 life threw us a curveball; as in software, versioning is a way to categorize each state of the software, each version comes with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. We use it in the exact same way when we refer to “versioning our business”. The pandemic was an unexpected bug that forced us to reimagine our way of working.

We pushed comfort zones, grew, shrank, created processes, organized, nipped, and tucked. And, scaled once more to pivot and reposition ourselves.

(2023) Building Resilience through Smart Work

A new way to work.
And, working smart.

In a post-pandemic world, we are leveraging and fully utilizing the slew of tools that have facilitated communication, collaboration, and productivity.

This has forced us to look within and ask ourselves are we working smart? are we utilizing AI, automation, and our people in the best way possible? Areas of opportunity? The answer is yes.

Our goal for this year is to increase efficiency and build resilience by working smart.

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