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SCRUM means a smarter approach to developing and delivering products that reduces wasted time and recycles resources. As a result, your team will become highly effective at doing so. In addition, this framework involves a mindset shift and moves away from traditional leadership to more proactive leadership. 

In this occasion, Joseph Villarreal, Product Owner at Advancio, gave us the basics and fundamentals regarding SCRUM processes. Accordingly, these can be used to improve your business product development and build agile teams. In brief, take a seat and learn what this framework is, how it is implemented, and why you can take advantage of it to be more productive. 

Thus, if you’re looking for the next step in your developer career, this is your talk! Watch our Tech Talk Webinar Don’t know SCRUM? You’re Behind the Curve!

Topics we covered in this talk about SCRUM 

  • 0:06 Introduction.
  • 4:45 Fundamentals. 
  • 10:34 Definition.
  • 13:40 Theory.
  • 16:17 The Values Behind Scrum.
  • 18:50 How Does a SCRUM Team Look Like. 
  • 30:09 Events. 
  • 40:40 Artifacts. 
  • 49:00 Q&A: How can a SCRUM Master (SM) contribute to the sprint planning? 
  • 50:53 Q&A: How do you pick good user histories for a team member? 
  • 53:10 Q&A: In what cases can you cancel a sprint? 
  • 57:55 Q&A: Do you recommend a path to be a SM? How technical does it have to be? 
  • 1:00:37 Q&A: How do you recommend following up on an action? 
  • 1:02:46 Outro. 

Equally important, at Advancio we offer you a career development plan alongside opportunities to strengthen your soft and hard skills. Whilst you may be an expert in SCRUM, you can also amplify your expertise in other frameworks, methodologies, and mindsets that are part of our various developer profiles. Accordingly, take this opportunity and grow with us! 

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