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Talent acquisition in the tech industry has changed dramatically over the years. Currently there’s a market need for highly qualified virtual team. This can be a headache for most managers, but this time you’ll have the tools to tackle this pain point. Besides this, you’ll be able to find the right talent for your projects. Keep reading and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

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Challenges of the Talent Market

In 2021, there was a 55% perception that employee turnover would increase in 2022 (Korn Ferry). This led to several new considerations regarding the pandemic and new talent market dynamics brought to the table, such as the following ones:

Internal mobility as a growing strategy to reduce talent turnover

This decision includes upskilling talent and offering them training initiatives to help them continue to grow in their careers.

Major focus on building a strong culture and branding

Making your employees or online teams part of your business is as important as constantly reviewing salaries according to their job status updates.

Bigger concerns for promoting diversity inclusion and a healthy work environment

Businesses that integrate gender identity, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs to avoid bias and discrimination are 36% more likely to have higher profits than average compared to competitors, according to HireHive. In addition, employees’ well-being has become a priority like never before, so these conditions need to be met.

More flexible work arrangements

These should encompass time zones, or remote and hybrid modalities, among others, to adapt to post-pandemic dynamics.

Expanded scope of recruitment

A wider strategy should include not merely talent presence in other countries but also in different industries to reduce the shortage of highly skilled workers.

Larger consideration of the on-demand workforce

Outsourced IT support has become a cost-effective strategy to find talent with high skills and competition rates given its flexibility and adaptability.

Increased AI, automation, and big data integration

Recruiting will become more data-driven starting with big data to better understand applications, gain insights, and forecast talent trends through analytics. In fact, these new technologies will also help make processes like application and tracking more efficient. Consequently, there will be a human workload reduction and smoother work-life cycles .

If you want to know more about the current status of the talent market, check out our Tech Talk Tech Talent without Borders!

Online Talent Platforms Vs. Talent Solutions Companies

Even though websites and consulting firms help to fill job vacancies, there are major differences that you should consider between the following:

Online Talent Platforms
Talent Solution Companies
•Reactive recruitment for short-term tasks or projects.
•Proactive talent acquisition as part of a long-term strategy.
•Talent has a project performance approach.
•Talent has a career development growth approach.
•Platform benefits talent profiles that have high reputation.
•Company looks for more industry specialization and a deeper understanding of the talent market.
•Filling of current needs of a company or project leader.
•Ongoing process of finding talent to meet market needs.
•Candidate hiring is based on client reviews, experience, and skill set.
•Candidate hiring is based on a recruitment funnel that guarantees talent results and a specific skill set.
•Focus on client base building.
•Focus on pipeline building of qualified talent.
•Low engagement with the client’s brand and culture.
•High employee engagement with the client’s brand and culture.
•Work arrangements depend on the site’s policies.
•More flexibility in work arrangements.

Both approaches help to hiring faster as well as reducing costs and steps on recruiting talent than if your company did it on its own. That’s when a virtual team might be the perfect solution to meet your goals!

How to Manage a Virtual Team

Once you’ve decided to count on outsourced IT support, there are some aspects can help you get better team results. In the first instance, provide the flexibility necessary to adapt to changes. This will allow others to do the same inside your online teams.

Using this approach includes using different management and team tools to perform tasks, progress, and allow effective communication. Remember that being supported by different means of communication and having constant team meetings lets you give and receive feedback as well as solve emerging issues and move forward. This is an excellent and under-appreciated way of identifying opportunity areas not only for a project, but for the business.

Secondly, it’s important to integrate the virtual team into your culture and team dynamics. This can be done through clear and accurate job descriptions alongside work expectations. If you have done this first through a consulting firm or an online platform, this will be the starting point of your relationship with the client while some things can be rearranged during this process.

The next fundamental step is to constantly measure results and success to monitor team performance. In addition, you can set rewards for the excellent work done as a standard. This will help make the talent feel more identified and integrated into your business culture. Furthermore, the talent will feel more accomplished with the work they are doing.

Improve Team Management through Microsoft Products

To move on from this, we suggest that you get Microsoft products like Teams, Azure, and Microsoft 365. This will help you streamline your workflow and enhance your performance in metrics, communication, processes, and more.

Counting on an experienced partner to search for talent and integrate online teams into your staff will relieve you from having to perform this function on your own. Save costs, time, and headaches with us, Hire our Staff Augmentation Services.

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