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In a world more digital than ever before, manual processes and outdated systems are representing a major concern for digital transformation. While legacy systems are still having a wider presence in innumerable organizations, these cannot provide us with more data gaining and analysis most of the time. In fact, this latter is the starting point to reducing communication barriers and blockers to the customer experience.

Therefore, these are just a few of the pain points that today’s businesses face about being rentable and scalable. That’s when in an effort to streamline processes, update systems, and automate tedious and repetitive daily tasks, starting a digital transformation has become a necessity. Consequently, it doesn’t matter if you choose a major digitalization approach or take a few steps to achieve this conversion, there are some things to know. These include an agile mindset and an open minded organizational culture to adapt to the mentioned changes.

This May, Karim Jernite, Co-Founder of Advancio and Bo Luongo, SVP Alliances at OpenLegacy were invited to our Tech Talks to share their expertise on digitalization. From what it is and the challenges for implementing it to its golden nuggets and steps to start it, this edition provides you with the basics to start your business digitalization.

Ready to take the next step in your business strategy? Watch our Tech Talk From Zero to Hero with Digital Transformation!

Topics we covered in this talk about Digital Transformation

  • 4:12 Introduction
  • 5:04 Why is digital transformation relevant to any type of business?
  • 6:38 What are some typical pains that companies are currently facing?
  • 10:12 How it would look like to do a perfect digitalization?
  • 12:58 Are mainframes actually going away?
  • 22:55 What are some challenges that business face when thinking about implementing digital transformation?
  • 25:06 How or why is digital transformation the solution for some business challenges?
  • 26:49 Are there any specific industries that could benefit more from digital transformation than others?
  • 29:47 Examples of how customers have benefited from modernizing their legacy systems.
  • 36:27 Success and failure stories in the digital world.
  • 39:28 Q&A: What are the three major signs that a company should look for in order to implement?
  • 40:51 Q&A: Who in my department should be implementing this new process?
  • 42:53 Q&A: What could be an unrealistic expectation for digitalization?
  • 43:57 Outro

Advancio offers you advice on your digital strategy and provides you with a prevetted tech talent global pool for implementing it. In addition, we can help you analyze and centralize your business data by updating or building a software. But most importantly, from dedicated teams to more IT solutions, you can count on us!

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