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There’s no doubt that the worldwide talent market has been facing major challenges due to the COVID-19 and its effects in remote work modality, turnover, and business careers. As a result, having access to a global tech talent pool is more and more important. Thus, diminishing the limitations of same city, country, time zone, and even language is a practice that is tackling the pain point of recruitment, waivers, and scarcity of qualified professionals.

This April, Karim Jernite, Co-Founder at Advancio and Nick Aschenbach, head of Engineering at Veckta, talked about the current challenges of hiring a retaining tech talent for different industries. Furthermore, they offered their own perspective on how to face these problems and shared their expertise over staff augmentation services.

From Ukraine’s situation to Nearshore vs. Offshore efficiently and more, stay tuned to Tech Talent without Borders Talk to apply new strategies in the matter. Consequently, remember to leave your questions in the comment box and will answer them for you.

Topics We Covered in this talk about Tech Talent

  • 0:10 Introduction
  • 4:36 Why is the difference between staff augmentation and a dedicated team? 
  • 6:07 How efficient it to have a remote team comparing nearshore vs. offshore?
  • 9:10 Why is there scarcity of tech talent?
  • 13:10 How you keep your remote team engaged and make them feel they are part of the team?
  • 16:08 How can we decrease talent turnover?
  • 20:58 There’s a difference in productivity comparing remote teams and in-house teams?
  • 26:00 How does Staff Augmentation behave under the cost-minimum wage increases? 
  • 30:50 How is Ukraine issue affecting America’s tech industry? 
  • 35:35 Q&A: How can a team lead measure remote teams’ performance?
  • 38:44 Q&A: What is included in staff augmentation services?
  • 41:09 Q&A: Would Advancio help me discover which talent I need?
  • 44:10 Q&A: How long does it take  to acquire tech talent through staff augmentation?
  • 46: 36 Q&A: There are any challenging time that you spend while finding the perfect talent for your company?
  • 48:43 Q&A: Who needs to use staff augmentation ASAP?
  • 49:50 Outro

With this in mind, Advancio, a worldwide software development outsourcing company, provides staff augmentation services in different modalities according to your business’ needs. If you want to know more about this outsourced IT support

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