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The supply chain crunch has challenged the logistics industry in numerous ways. From low production capacity to new needs in cargo and broker tracking, companies have had to migrate to technological solutions. Accordingly, they are making efforts to transform their inventory, warehousing, and transportation management.

Hence, system incompatibility emerged as the main pain point for real-time data processing in an effort to optimize and expand operations. That’s when investing in technology and tech teams for a logistics company becomes a must to collect and analyze statistics and, through it, improve processes at an appropriate time. As a result, data and devices have helped the industry tackle the supply chain crunch by boosting both daily company performance and customer experience.

In this case, Advancio’s Fullstack developer, Max, led the Tech Talk for July called Supply Chain Crunch: Data & Devices as Real-Time Heroes to share their expertise on the industry and the technology behind it. Consequently, current challenges for logistics, inventory management and delivery, real-time tracking, risk mitigation, and upcoming digital trends were some of the topics covered in this talk.

Watch our Tech Talk about supply chain crunch and real-time approaches to improving your cargo tracking and monitoring as well as your business results.

 Topics We Covered in This Talk about Supply Chain

  • 0:19 Introduction
  • 3:09 What are the challenges that businesses in the logistics industry face around real-time inventory management and delivery?
  • 6:56 How long does it take to catch inconsistencies in your tracking if it’s not automated? Could you share your normal daily process with us?
  • 12:45 What are the best technologies to improve product tracking?
  • 15:04 About accidents, how data and devices help logistics businesses to prevent and mitigate them?
  • 19:08 A daily example of how data, systems, and devices focused on business goals support transportation and delivery strategies?
  • 22:53 What are the digital trends coming in the logistics industry we should know about?
  • 25:18 What is the next step in the industry to expand operations through technology?
  • 29:29 Q&A: Do I need a specific IT team inside my company to start an automation process?
  • 31:44 Q&A: What would be the step one to start a more active technologic immersion in my company?
  • 34:04 Q&A: Is technology able to track if any of my drivers have a security issue on the road?
  • 35:23 Q&A: How compliant are truckers to applications and technology in general?
  • 36:48 How can we enforce a trucker to remember to check and login data?
  • 37:56 Outro

Advancio offers specialized advice on software development and IT solutions for the logistics industry. In any case, if you want to implement these approaches in your business and start seeing better results, don’t hesitate to contact us to find you top tech talent and best tech approaches.

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