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Angular Material is excellent for developing attractive, consistent, and functional web pages to achieve specific objectives. Moreover, these modern web design principles also help UI UX designers and frontend developers to create more responsive web applications in a faster way.

Without a doubt that having a website is vital nowadays to convert clients. Rather than placing information about your client’s mission, products, and services in just one place, the customer experience relays into their interaction with the web platform and the content they are using. Hence, this includes the graphic components, headers, and text distribution; the loading time of the page; and the interactive elements that you add to each webpage.

On this occasion, Edgar Quiroz, UI/UX Lead Engineer at Advancio lead the Tech Free Webinar Getting Started with Angular Material and taught us the necessary steps to set up and review the main features of this library. If you’re a developer, don’t miss it because Edgar performed some live exercises! Watch it now because the instructor also covered the pros and cons, set of components, and theming configurations that you can use to boost your projects.

Topics we covered in this talk about Angular Material

  • 3:29 Introduction
  • 8:30 What is Angular Material
  • 16:23 Installation and set up + Live exercise
  • 22:49 Components + Live exercise
  • 31:21 Theming + Live exercise
  • 47:22 Q&A: What are other examples of Design Systems
  • 48:54 Q&A: Is there a library for the designer with all the Angular Material components?
  • 49:48 Q&A: Is Angular Material open-sourced?
  • 50:02 Q&A: What is the major benefit of using these components?
  • 51:32 Outro

If you want to keep growing in your career plan, be part of a large pool of dedicated teams that love tech and stay tuned to our next Tech Webinars!

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