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Enhancing the data processing and teamwork dynamics of your business is not only a goal for improving performance. It’s also a need to improve the quality of your business. While quickness and effectiveness are important, collecting data, maintaining open communication channels, and giving feedback are broader competencies. These can be simplified with more specific tools. 

By using cloud services like Microsoft Azure, you will have access to multiple options on just one platform for your project deployment and the achievement of major goals for your performance in the market.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that offers several tools alongside enabling the management of programs, programming languages, and APIs. It includes Software as a Service (SaaS) that encompasses software applications on the Internet to use on multiple devices. It also Features platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud-based environment in which you can build and manage applications. Finally, it has Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that helps to scale the servers’ functionality. 

The cloud services of Microsoft provide everything from database servers to machine learning to spend less on maintaining an IT server room. This allows you to build, manage, and improve both workflow and software development at different stages on the same platform. 

Some of the areas that you can reach with Microsoft Azure are Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) from the development and running of applications to search engines for collecting data, predicting insights, and making suggestions. 

We are talking about an integrated solution that about 44% of organizations use to run significant workloads by 2020 according to Statista (2021). In addition, this can be used as a solution for Internet of Things, DevOps, business analytics, and more. In fact, Microsoft Azure analyses vast data sources including 18 billion Bing web pages, 400 billion emails, 1 billion Windows device updates, and 450 billion monthly authentications (Microsoft Azure; 2021). 

What Are the Pros of Microsoft Azure?

Pros of Microsoft Azure

Here are the pros of using Microsoft Azure

  • Integrated tools, pre-built templates, and managed services in the same platform. Thus, you have existing and customized solutions for various industries that you can configure to meet these challenges. 
  • Full data backup and recovery of lost data in a quick way. In storage, the cloud services of Microsoft offer different products to improve the efficiency of your databases and their management. 
  • Full hybrid integration for different scenarios with various tools and infrastructure for public and private cloud services. 
  • Services for hosting, developing, and running applications. Azure Portal is provided as a general administrator that allows the integration of DevOps (development and operations) practices.  
  • For developers, Microsoft Azure supports open-source technologies, SQL databases, and ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, and Python as programming languages. 
  • 24/7 support for your operations for which you only pay monthly for what you use. 
  • By getting a Microsoft Azure certification, you have access to a scalable and flexible interface and products for various purposes.
  • Multi-layered security is provided across physical data centers, infrastructure, and operations.

Things to Consider about Microsoft Azure

These are the cons of purchasing a Microsoft Azure certification

  • The platform works through contract purchasing licenses. This could be positive or negative depending on the nature of your project. 
  • Apart from the initial fee paid for the license, you may include additional costs associated with data transfers and backups. 
  • The pricing metric of Microsoft Azure is based on hours rated, so you must check if this works according to your type of project. 
  • As these cloud services are complex, you may need certain experts to use them because some data center management actions require people in the data center location.
  • The computing power is a must to meet the challenges of the cloud services of Microsoft. Then, you may have major costs in adapting your equipment to this. This could occur specially if you are migrating to cloud services from the beginning.

Why Microsoft Azure Could Improve your Business Performance?

By taking into account Microsoft Azure as an ally for your business, you will have full management services to help you design and implement strategies in real-time. This allows accurate changes and allows you to optimize your actions without investing in periodical research apart from the Microsoft Azure certification and services payments. Using the cloud services of Microsoft also implies constant platform updates. So, you don’t need to worry about maintenance or purchasing certain packages. 

Additionally, the management functions of these cloud services allow a customized team to build in task assignment, programming language and framework support, and facilities to execute your project’s tasks and services. 

Microsoft Azure provides your business with analytics, computing, database, storage, networking, and mobile and web applications to save on costs. By doing this, you can reduce both your energy consumption and the need for resources in hardware and maintenance. You can also get licensing discounts by migrating apps to Azure as part of its various services. 

For the workflow, the platform is perfect for remote modality work that requires a customized and easy adaptation. Not only it will you have high availability and multiple access to data centers in different countries, but you’ll also have quick device and app integration and administration to work with. 

Final Thoughts

On the other side, Microsoft Azure daily analyses 8 trillion threat signals that scale the scope of your business in terms of data gathering and strategic planning (Microsoft Azure; 2021). This implies faster, more precise, and increasingly agile responses that boost better workflow relationships and the customer experience. It could also impact the development of chatbots and other IT solutions. 

While you can save money on infrastructure and additional collaborators for your project by using these cloud services of Microsoft, we highly suggest you count on IT experts to install Microsoft Azure. Advancio is ready to offer you additional information and related services in this scenario if you need to hire Azure DevOps.

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