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The Data Is Out There Thanks to IoT

Voler Systems is a leading company in new product design, embedded system design, medical device design, wearable device design, and IoT design. This past September they invited Karim Jernite, CEO of Advancio, to talk about IoT and device development in the US. Karim is a Software Engineer and has been working in different industries, mainly finance, insurance, banking logistics, and lately in the software behind the devices for IoT.

Start Your Software Project

In fact, the world suddenly started adding chips everywhere, collecting all kinds of data — the most valuable information today. However, what is all this information worth if you are not really taking advantage of it? Therefore, this is why Advancio is shifting to create the software needed to subtract and show in a friendly dashboard all the insights that can make a difference in your daily decisions and company growth. After all, that data is collected from your market!

From the early days of when our mobiles were the first IoT devices collecting information about places you checked in or locating all the vehicles of a Transportation Company, to all the new devices like a simple watch on your wrist telling you more about your health, learn about all this in Karim’s talk with the host Walt Maclay.

Topics We Covered in This Talk about Internet of Things

  • 3:07 Introduction and evolution of IoT.
  • 5:04 Use of IoT devices in different domains of life.
  • 7:18 Technical perspective of IoT.
  • 10:05 Guide for newcomers in IoT.
  • 11:30 What are the most popular things at our disposal that we should be thinking of doing something with?
  • 12:17 What do you advise people who are not programmers?
  • 13:48 What do you think about Google and apple using mobility reports to provide insight about COVID-19.
  • 17:38 As a CEO of the company that wishes to start in this industry, are there any tips to detect a problem that could be resolved with IoT?
  • 20:58 How can I use my collected data to my advantage?
  • 23:20 How do we collect different types of data in one place?
  • 26:03 Problem with HIPAA.
  • 29:18 If I don’t have an internal team, what kind of talent should I be looking for when it comes to developing the software that collects my data, in case I want something from scratch?
  • 31:26 How can Advancio make all the data collected from IoT more understandable and more up to the task?
  • 38:45 About IoT and security.
  • 43:30 Based on which technology or languages should we be planning our interactions with these kinds of gadgets?

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