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.Perhaps you’ve heard of a chatbot and how it can improve your customer service, but have you seen the potential for increased sales this Christmas? We’ll show you how your business can be part of this AI tool and grow its revenue!

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Why Your Business Needs a Chatbot?

Before we tell you why you need it, we must answer what is a chatbot. This is software that automates processes through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Consequently, it self-learns and enhances its actions based on the provided information and commands. An AI chat can understand questions and answer them in a more efficient and natural way each time. In doing so, you can improve the customer experience, both internal and external, and augment your marketing and sales efforts.

In fact, AI chat is commonly used for sales functions at 41%, followed by support activities by 37%, and marketing campaigns by 17% according to a series of surveys reviewed by Forbes (2019).

While a chatbot online eases operations, it’s also a cost-effective solution for anything you need in terms of time savings, cost reduction, and progressive scalability depending on the type and scope that you need.

In the first instance, it reduces frustration from both customers and team members. This given it provides 24/7 customer attention to multiple conversations at the same time without reducing quality customer interactions. Further, you can diminish human errors by not necessarily being lacking in soft communication.

As you automate these processes, you will reduce the need for extra staff to meet seasonal demands and redirect these efforts to other business areas. This will save money by investing in additional matters of concern.

More Benefits From a Chatbot to Consider

When talking about scalability, an AI chat can be displayed in several channels (SMS, websites, apps, social media, among others) to support the customer and capture their attention at various stages of the journey by using multiple skills to execute actions and solve challenges quickly.

This solution is also perfect for collecting feedback. Whether you use a chatbot or connect a bot to your email platform, you can request broader information about the customer experience. It’s well-known that clients often don’t provide a full review of information requests, purchases, or any other type of transactions. But if you automate this process by asking them and not just waiting for them to provide you those answers, you are more likely to receive the requested information. This will help you improve your business performance and see where you have limitations, weaknesses, and strengths.

In the bigger picture, a chatbot online can provide you with a more qualified lead filter by requesting precise information, more pressure from your team members in handling customer demands with automated tools, higher conversion rates from engagement to sales, and increased customer satisfaction and insights.

How a Chatbot Can Help You Meet Christmas Demand?

Having a chatbot for online shopping can also help you complete a purchase. Sometimes people just abandon their cart due to shipping costs or conditions that are not clear enough. But if an AI chat provides extra information about promotions or answers questions, it can retain customers’ interest in the conversion.

Automate FAQs

If you use an AI chat to answer frequently asked questions in a customized way, you will avoid missing out on time by using regular channels. Thus, when business is very busy during the holiday season, you won’t have to worry about not answering or paying enough attention to customer queries as those have already been covered.

Although this may sound cold, in some cases, people prefer talking with a chatbot online instead of human agents. This practice avoids them to wait times or just perform automated processes.

Customize Response Options

If you work in different markets or have a presence in different countries, an AI chat will help you meet language requirements. An AI tool of this type can be customized to provide multilingual responses for an enhanced experience, in which the answers are translated to the customer’s selected language. This can also be a customer service differentiator to increase engagement beyond the holidays.

Track Orders

Additionally, a chatbot can work as a tracker for a more dynamic experience. Clients can provide an order tracking number for each user they want to interact with. By using your own platform, they can satisfy their needs and complete the transaction from awareness to delivery.

Avoid Extra Investment

The scalability of a chatbot online then helps your company to handle expected and unexpected client traffic demands. As an advantage, the team can do this without making any extra investment in staff or resources for this matter. Take into account that an AI chat will help you handle last-minute issues even during unworkable hours and demanding seasons.

Things to Focus on for Increasing Chatbot Christmas Sales

According to the aforementioned Forbes article (2019), on average, chatbots increased sales by 67% as 26% of those transactions were initiated through a chatbot online interaction. During the holidays, we encourage you to be proactive in creating new interactions with your potential clients. You can achieve this with customized messages that guide you on a journey that will improve engagement.

Additionally, we suggest creating Christmas messages to give your clients a more human approach. With an AI chat, you can create a script based on different types of messages for the different stages that your business establishes to achieve a conversion.

Time matters, so reducing the stages of awareness and later conversion will prevent customers or potential clients from leaving the platform and losing interest in asking or purchasing. Having said this, exchanging requested information can also lead to completing the customer’s journey. Therefore, you should make them feel like you understand their needs by offering customized suggestions and special discounts before, during, and after the purchase through the chatbot online to increase your engagement and sales.

Remember that it is a “must” to invest in a solid system to meet delivery times and customer attention. In this sense, it’s also necessary to train the staff to understand and manage these AI tools. Despite integrating this technology into your business, the learning curve continues to grow. Advancio is ready to help you with everything from implementation to consultation. Let’s talk!

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