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As a job seeker, having background information to help you improve your job application can lead to you getting the job you want. While face-to-face interviews are the most common, there are certain aspects of interviews for remote IT jobs that are different and can be key to improving your performance. Learn how to nail it on your next job application!

Why Working in Advancio?

Why Apply for Remote IT Jobs?

Despite the pandemic and the limitations of going to the office, there are major reasons why applying for remote IT jobs is a good option for you. In a home office, you have a more flexible work schedule that can help you balance work-life balance and personal satisfaction. By choosing your own workplace and modality, whether it be freelance, part-time, or full-time, you have a greater chance of reducing stress.

As a result, you will have a higher chance of being more productive. A FlexJobs’ survey found that out of 2,100 people who work remotely, 51% said they were more productive under this modality and 95% reported higher productivity. This is achieved through a quieter work environment, more comfortable workplaces, and focused time. In that scenario, you will have fewer interruption and avoid some office politics.

On the one hand, you can save money and time by not moving to the office and investing that time in other work duties. On the other hand, applying for a remote IT job increases your opportunities to work with different businesses without having location limitations, among other benefits.

How to Be a Good Remote IT Job Candidate?

Before answering IT questions for interview, you must be convinced that this job and modality best fits you. Thus, make sure that you understand the vision and mission of the company. Most importantly, you need to understand the role that you are looking to fulfill by researching key information.

Other job interview tips to consider before the videocall are knowing your current personal and professional situation. As a result, you should provide the proper background to the interviewer. This will show your confidence and adaptation to different circumstances during the IT questions for interview.

As a qualified candidate, we encourage you to be an active listener and a follower of the steps of your remote IT job application. That is to say, follow-up on your application status and what is next by asking the recruiter after the interview and via email in case you don’t have any updates on it.

Remote Job Interview Tips for Nailing It

Now that you know the essentials to become a good candidate and, desirably, the right candidate for remote IT jobs, it’s time to give it your best shot with these tips for interview.

Do’s of an Interview for Remote IT Jobs

1. Prepare Yourself

Preparation involves planning your strategy and how you can nail it in your IT questions for interview and in your general performance. We recommend that you ask and practice with a friend on common and possible questions. It’s important to do deep research on the company’s remote IT job position. In that way, you can show your value based on what they are looking for.

2. Focus on your Discourse Approach

Among the job interview tips that we find very helpful, we suggest you develop a connection with your interviewer and give reasons why you are the right fit for the company’s culture. How can you achieve this? Prepare your discourse using formal language and niche words to answer back with your qualities, skills, and achievements. But don’t be too familiar because you need to be an enthusiast without losing your professionalism.

Based on your work record and the job description for this position, pay attention and take advantage of each question by answering concisely and clearly, and showing your values, strengths, and alignment with this remote IT job position. Then, show authenticity, positivity, and initiative, and think about not speaking negatively about past job experiences, but instead speaking about what you learned and how you overcame those challenges.

Remember to ask questions and highlight that you are the best candidate for the job and show interest in the eyes of the interviewer.

3. Consider your Non-Verbal Communication

Aside from how you express your speech, your body language matters. Thus, it’s important to show confidence and calm through eye contact and to sit straight in front of the camera. Keep your hands open and make small movements to avoid exaggerating when gesturing. Take into account the clothes that you use, how your presence boosts your performance and shows professionalism. We recommend a semiformal dress code.

4. Make the Interview Location your Best Friend

When performing your remote IT job interview, we suggest that you choose a calm location with little background noise to avoid distractions and not disrupt your interview. In this sense, enter the video call before the meeting to take the time to address inconveniences if they emerge. This will allow you to frame the camera and see how the background and front of it look.

Dont’s of an Interview for Remote IT Jobs

1. Don’t Waste Interviewer’s Time

Great first impressions matter, so make sure that you enter the video call before. In the worst of cases, try to be less than two minutes after it started. Also avoid overly answering the IT questions for interview to create a dynamic rhythm that doesn’t bore the interviewer.

2. Don’t Speak in Negative

It’s well-known that during an interview for remote IT jobs you will have to reprise your work record to get the job done. We recommend you avoid speaking negatively about past job experiences. But instead try to speak about what you learned and how you overcame those challenges. By doing this, you are showing adaptation and initiative and not just complaining.

3. Don’t Get so Familiar

Remember always to be professional as part of your essential job interview tips. That is to say, show enthusiasm without being too familiar like if the interviewer was your friend and you were sharing details about your life.

4. Don’t Be too Pompous

Even when you have an extended career full of achievements, it works better for you if you talk about them with modesty instead of just naming them as if they were winning trophies. Remember that the recruiter is looking for someone with a desire to learn and contribute to the business and to match the teams’ workflow.

Take into account these do’s and dont’s like tips for interview for your next application and keep improving your performance to get the job of your dreams! Are you interested in working at Advancio? See Our Vacancies!

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