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Digitalizing and streamlining processes might be easier than you would think. This can be possible if you counted on a platform that provides you with accurate resources and a simpler interface. This is the case with Microsoft Power Automate, which can be the game-changer you need for your business.

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Advantages of Using Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate is a cloud-based tool that is used to automate business processes. This can include robotic process automation (RPA) or highly customized connectors and workflows. But more importantly, these are the major advantages that it can provide you as a platform.

  • Easy business workflow creation and management through assignment creation based on type, priority level, and scheduling.
  • Easy access and interface for any member of the team to create automated processes, perform tasks, and share files.
  • Pre-built workflows have templates and connectors for sending reminders and notifications, managing approvals, sending emails, among others. These are based on cloud, business processes, desktop, and machine learning experiences. You can also create a workflow from scratch and get recommendations based on your business needs.
  • Human error reduction through automating repetitive tasks and having a management platform that supports your team.
  • Speed the process by sending real-time alerts and notifications. Thus, involved members are aware of tasks, approvals, and events that require their attention.
  • Strong integration between Power Automate, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Teams, and more Microsoft programs. This allows easily managing and transfering different types of data, as well as connect tasks across the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Data collecting and audits and operations tracking that are based on metrics and analytics to improve decision-making.
  • Access to different types of devices without compromising the experience, so teams can run workflows anywhere they want.
  • Engage social media apps to automatically publish and increase marketing efforts by saving time.
  • Integration of machine learning, AI, and API’s to build digital solutions such as virtual agents.

Why your Business Needs Power Automate

We have detailed what Microsoft Power Platform has to offer you, but what does this mean for your company? In general terms, this can lead to operational efficiency, cost reduction, time savings, and optimized business performance. Because it implies a redirection of effort in time, energy, and resources. In fact, Power Automate saved companies 26,660 worker-hours per year and delivered 199% of a three-year return on investment exposed by a Forrester Consulting survey (2020).

By automating repetitive tasks and having the option to automatically assign them, your team streamlines processes, saves time, and invests effort in other tasks. This increases workforce productivity as well as team alignment and communication through integrated notifications, emails, and chats across various Microsoft programs. Additionally, you can nurture employee satisfaction through better resource allocation and a reduction in friction during routine tasks.

In terms of monitoring and tracking your business processes, Power Automate not only allows you to do this, but also delivers important business data and insights to modify and enhance the management of your business. While this is automatically done based on periods, you can also customize certain metrics and analytics reports according to your data and business needs. Then, Microsoft Power platform boosts scalability, productivity, and legacy process automation.

Whatever industry you’re in, this tool also allows you to automate the customer journey through system registration, claims processing, document approval, process validation, billing generation, order tracking, and providing responses to requests. Other processes that you can automate include inventory management, HR, sales analytics, collecting customer data, and distribution and logistics workflow management.

As a result, you avoid old-fashioned storage and the need for more resources, increase your system security and integration, gain vital data and insights, and streamline processes.

How to Implement Power Automate

Once you have decided to jump into Power Automate as an ally for your business system, it is time to start using the platform. As a first step, you must have a Microsoft 365 subscription, then purchase the Microsoft Power platform license and choose a plan that suits your needs. If you already have a Microsoft 365 license, we suggest you check your included rights and grant permissions in case you have access to the tool.

The options to manage the tool will vary according to the plan you choose or already have. These can be from standard connectors and processes to RPA and premium customizable options such as extended database capacity. If you want to give it a first try, you can even go for a Power Automate free trial that is available for 90 days.

Another thing to consider when using the Microsoft Power platform is that there are a specific number of licenses to be assigned to users. There are also hour and daily limits on certain requests or actions within the tool that can block the workflow. Thus, it is necessary to track both individual and team flow consumption and to adapt to business needs. This way, you will also be aware of the challenges involved in ensuring a more balanced workflow for the team and improving other processes.

In addition to Power Automate, you can access more Microsoft programs to improve your performance and workflow by choosing the right IT partner to help you with your IT needs. Advancio helps you from implementing the Microsoft Power platform to building the best tool management practices as an administrator. Are you ready to start with Microsoft products? Let’s Talk!


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