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Advancio, an industry leader in software development outsourcing, announced today the opening of its Nevada office as part of its international expansion strategy. Located in Las Vegas, the office will serve as the company’s central hub in Nevada. Certainly, this will allow to provide further software solutions in the U.S.

Rapid Growth of Software                    Solutions Demand

This follows the company’s Co-Founder, Josie Lopez, acceptance into the EY Program of Leading Entrepreneurs. At the same time, Lopez oversees the operations of Advancio’s headquarters in Los Angeles. In addition, she’s hiring, scaling the company’s enterprise customer base, and supporting its growing partnership network.

The rapid growth comes as demand for Advancio’s talent platform continues to accelerate nationally and internationally. Behind Advancio’s expansion into new geographic locations there’s an in-depth market research. In particular, this is seen in our report on the state of tech talent, its demand, and its impact on costs.

“It’s incredibly exciting news that Advancio is expanding into other geographic locations in the United States and choosing Las Vegas as its central hub.”

Said Karim Jernite, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Advancio.

Hence, this is another glowing example of Las Vegas serving as the center of innovation and technology for Nevada. “I’m proud that Las Vegas remains a destination of choice for U.S. companies looking to establish their roots locally and I look forward to the contributions Advancio can bring to Las Vegas’s diverse, global tech ecosystem”.

Strategical Expansion for Outsourced        IT Support

Advancio is the only software development outsourcing company in the U.S. with access to a global talent pool of top vetted engineers. Consequently, it offers a technology platform that automates the selection and oversight of its resources. The Advancio platform offers faster-growing companies access to hire top level tech talent. Specifically, it gives them access to a network of pre-vetted engineers located locally and abroad.

“Modern companies are on the verge of digital transformation, embracing emerging technologies, and industry leaders are increasingly turning to Advancio to deliver a stronger pipeline of talent.”

Said Josie Lopez, Co-Founder and Chief Strategic Officer for Advancio.

“As the only locally based outsourcing company offering talent locally and abroad, I feel socially responsible to begin to offer the same growth opportunities we offer in our other locations in Nevada as well”. Advancio is well positioned to help companies globally realize higher ROI and a bigger impact on customers and prospects. “Establishing our Nevada central hub is a big step forward as we grow our national and international footprint to best serve our customers.”

Expansion strategy will include other tech hubs in the United States such as Texas, Georgia, and Chicago. In addition, strategically located tech talent hubs such as Peru, Colombia and Brazil are also on the run.

About Advancio

Advancio is a network of top-performing marketing, technology, and creative talent. Our clients are power players in their industries and growing at double digit speed. Through our technology platform, we assemble dedicated talent teams for brands and enable fast-growing startups and enterprises. As a result, we help them grow and scale their digital programs with improved ROI and lower costs. Our services include software solutions and outsourced IT support.

We are passionate about technology and the power it has to change the world. We are growing fast and building a company that serves great businesses and hires great people. In addition, we have lots of fun doing what we love!

Visit our web page to learn more or connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

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