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Low-Code/No-Code has been gaining more relevance because of its scalability and easy way to build, test, and deploy apps. In a very competitive industry like finance, where innovation is a driver to improve the customer experience and retain clients, these platforms are something to consider.

These tools provide financial institutions and actors with an easy interface to create for people who don’t necessarily know how to code or have time to do it. So, Low-Code/No-Code platforms allow developers to enhance their capabilities over time. It also helps organizations to be more competitive and flexible in the face of current challenges. These can include supply chain issues and the economic downturn.

In this occasion, Zeev Avidan, Chief Product Officer at OpenLegacy spoke with Arnaud Lasson, Sales Representative specializing in the Finance Industry at Advancio, about the integration of this technology to improve financial services. In the Advancio Talk, Zeev shared his business perspective on how low-code/no-code can help organizations to quickly adapt to modern challenges. As part of the development team, Mouna, Software Developer at Advancio, also shared her point of view about how these tools can ease the complex tasks that a developer does to improve the process for banks and credit unions.

Watch our Advancio Talk: Low-Code/No-Code Software to Lead the Banking Digital Transformation to gain competitive advantage in the industry!

Topics We Covered in This Talk about Low-Code/No-Code

  • 0:10 Introduction
  • 3:08 What is Low-Code/No-Code more than a replacement for developers?
  • 4:45 What does it mean for developer?
  • 5:58 How the Low-Code/No-Code can help banks to lead their digital transformation today?
  • 8:24 Case studies of banking digital transformation
  • 11:18 Bank’s challenges and importance of these platforms
  • 12:30 What does it imply to use Low-Code/No-Code in terms of security?
  • 14:00 Conclusion
  • 14:49 Final Words
  • 16:33 Outro

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