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It’s very common to hear about automation and robots nowadays. But beyond replacing humans or simply being just a trend, robotic process automation is here to stay. It helps us to simplify workloads, streamline processes, and improve both your business performance and relationship with clients. Check out this guide to learn more about the RPA, how it works, and when to implement it.

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What RPA Does for My Business

The advantages of implementing RPA services keep growing in a world that demands quick solutions more and more often. For 2022, Gartner (2020) forecasts that 90% of large organizations will adopt robotic process automation and triple their existing RPA by 2024 across various industries. But what could this solution offer for your particular company?

Major Savings

Using RPA, you can save both time and money. Automation can assume the daily and routine tasks that humans are overqualified to do, reduce payroll expenses and time spent completing them. However, this is not a team replacement strategy, as cutting edge as technology may be, robots still can’t engage in activities that involve creativity or empathy.

Improved Resource Allocation and Productivity

Once this AI tool frees employees’ time from doing low-value tasks, you’ll allow them to increase their productivity and efficiency in more valuable areas alongside boosting your business performance. This includes having humans focus on core activities with lower fatigue levels and robots operating 24/7 with minimum error ranges.

High Flexibility and Scalability

A bot can provide your team with agility to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. By implementing the latter into your growth strategy, you’ll have the opportunity to scale your business. This can be done across multiple functions, levels, and departments.

Better Integration and Data Gaining

RPA services can be adapted to different types of legacy systems. Also, they can be part of your digital transformation given its ability to synchronize your systems and applications. This also allows for more data gathering and monitoring while reducing data leaks because the bots automatically generate reports, and their accesses are highly controlled. As a result, there are a growing number of insights that will enhance decision-making and experience.

Increased Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Just as your bot will assume repetitive and tedious tasks through automation, the work overload from your non-core activities will also be freed up for your employees to perform other tasks. Plus, your team can focus on other activities while feeling less stressed and increasing their engagement. The latter can also happen with customers as you’re offering them faster experiences during their journey.

How RPA Improves Customer Experience

Besides performing administrative tasks, there’s a wider use of RPA as an AI chatbot to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. With automation, you’re capable of streamlining manual processes while also standardizing them via robot programming.

  • Faster answers: With an AI chatbot, your clients can automatically provide an agent for answering their inquiries and purchases, as well as receiving an immediate answer via various channels.
  • Better communication: By increasing automated attention and replies, your human agents can dedicate more attention and time to your customers by offering them highly customized experiences. This will nourish your relationship with them by making them feel important and exceeding their expectations.
  • Increased security: Bots work through specific commands which are not available to anyone and, furthermore, increase the chances of data leaking. Trends like cybersecurity and encryption could complement this tool. These offer extended personal data security to your clients for a competitive advantage.
  • Faster phases in customer journey: When you have blockers because of human time and errors, a robot can handle automated data and payment validations for claims processing. Additionally, you can use them to update data and offer purchase recommendations.

To start an RPA, we recommend a hybrid approach in which you combine human and robotic efforts. You’d use the first to handle your client needs attention with, and the second for frequent questions or easy processes.

When Implementing Robotic Process Automation

RPA provides benefits like accuracy, timeliness, and flexibility (Deloitte Global RPA Survey; 2017), so if you’re looking to improve your business performance, right now could be the moment you jump into it.

As an initial step, you should plan a business strategy that includes reviews and measured reports of your company’s processes. The next phase is to review your company’s performance and decide on what areas to apply this IT solution to. In case you don’t have this data, Advancio helps you gather it and choose the RPA services that best suits your strategy.

Now is the time to hire an IT provider to implement your digital strategy to automate the process of upgrading your legacy systems. You need to establish the scope, goals, and expectations while also considering the learning curve of adaptation and testing scenarios.

Even when robots are being programmed, they still need human action to check and correct their processes. This implies that the team will have to fully understand the system to accurately implement RPA services, and that your staff will require training to collaboratively work with this platform and your resources. Remember that this is more about technological alignment than resource replacement.

We suggest integrating both an AI chatbot and robotic process automation to enhance the execution of your digital transformation. We are your IT partner when it comes to assuming this challenge. Are you ready to implement a chatbot? Get started.

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