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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides everything a business needs to run computing operations virtually including servers, storage, databases, networking, and analytics.

Given the above facilities and the advanced integration that Microsoft offers with other Microsoft products, Azure has gained more and more popularity and currently is one of the most demanded business services in terms of cloud solutions. But is this the right boost your company needs?

In this occasion, Karim Jernite, Co-Founder of Advancio, and Peter Shand, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, shared their knowledge on the agility, digital migration, and cybersecurity possibilities that Microsoft Azure can offer to teams as well as organizations. From business integration to limitations, the speakers mentioned platform usage and how your team can get an Azure certification and what KPIs you must consider if you’re using the platform.

Watch our Tech Talk: How Microsoft Azure Works to Boost Cloud Solutions to get the most out of this platform!


Topics We Covered in This Tech Talk about Microsoft Azure

  • 0:17 Introduction
  • 1:45 What is Microsoft Azure and why has it become one of the top cloud services?
  • 3:20 Is implementing Azure worthwhile for improving business performance? How does that translate into agility and productivity metrics?
  • 8:40 In terms of cyber security, how does Azure shield our business data, and how does it differ from other cloud services?
  • 11:46 How can Azure help with digital migration? How difficult is it to do that with this cloud computing platform?
  • 16:30 Microsoft Azure has unlimited scalability, but does it have limitations for team performance? What can we learn from this?
  • 20:07 What are other lesser-known advantages that Azure can offer us?
  • 23:35 How can we take advantage of Azure not only for cloud teams but other IT ones?
  • 28:33 How can Azure be integrated into our business? What do we need it for?
  • 35:59 Q&A: What are the Microsoft Azure’s KPIs that I should take into account when measuring my team performance?
  • 39:28 Q&A: How does Azure work with other Microsoft products to boost business performance?
  • 42:04 Q&A: How can I get a Microsoft Azure certification for my team and what are its benefits?
  • 46:19 Q&A: What are your suggestions to get the most out of implementing Azure in my company?
  • 51:38 Outro

So. as a Microsoft Golden Partner, Advancio is ready to offer you several Microsoft products that can help you boost your business and team performance. As a result, if you need advice in how to use Azure, we are your IT outsourcing partner.

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