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We are excited to invite you to a mind opener online talk about BPO and RPA for improving business processes. It’s not too late to take a different approach this year by implementing automation without discharging tech talent value!

What Are Your Business Pain Points?

With more technological advancements fast approaching, it’s hard to be up to date on AI, machine learning, and tech trends. This in order to meet supply chain and customer demands. This is when slow processes, limitations on contact channels, and real-time tracking become a headache.

Increasing dedicated customer service and modernizing your legacy system are important steps to tackle pain points. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg as far as what you can do to improve performance. We know that talent retention, lack of expertise, and limited metrics are still challenges to meeting your goals!

BPO Can Help You Address those Needs

The approach then is not focusing on one business department at a time but instead strategically increasing efforts to boost capacity, data gathering, and real-time analysis to quickly make appropriate changes. For us, the solution is automation by integrating BPO (business process outsourcing) and RPA (robotic process automation) and we want to share it with you and your team! 

Our BPO Live Talk Humans vs Robots? Is for You

Advancio is an IT solutions company based in Los Angeles, California. We have over 10 years of experience and a wide range of products and services available for your projects. This March, we will host a talk full of tech insights on business processes and how to migrate from old-fashioned to automated ones. In it, Karim Jernite and Josie Lopez, Co-Founders of Advancio, and Armando Salazar, Delivery Manager at Advancio will share their points of view on this double-powered approach.

Who Is This Event about BPO for?

Businesses and anyone who wants to learn how to transition to BPO services or RPA strategy and who are curious about automation. This event is especially adressed to who want to improve productivity and results on their front-end or back-end offices.

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