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Join Karim Jernite and Josie Lopez in this 5th episode of The Geeks Podcast!

About This Talk

Join hosts Karim Jernite and Josie Lopez in this enlightening podcast episode as they dive deep into the heartwarming topic of “Giving Back to the Community.”

In a world that thrives on connections, empathy, and positive change, this dynamic duo takes you on a journey exploring the incredible stories, initiatives, and inspiring acts of kindness that shape our communities. From small gestures that ripple into profound impacts to larger-than-life projects that transform neighborhoods, they uncover the remarkable ways individuals come together to make a difference.

Karim and Josie share heart-to-heart conversations with community leaders, change-makers, and everyday heroes who have dedicated their time, skills, and resources to uplift those around them. Through their engaging discussions, you’ll gain insights into the power of volunteerism, the importance of fostering local bonds, and the meaningful experiences that arise when we contribute to something greater than ourselves.

About Our Speakers

Karim Jernite
Karim Jernite

CEO at Advancio

Josie Lopez

Co-Founder at Advancio

Advancio Digital Marketing

Advancio's Marketing Team, in charge of bringing to life the creative ideas and the most useful insights directly to you.

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