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Join Karim Jernite and Josie Lopez in this 4th episode of The Geeks Podcast!

About This Talk

Join our dynamic hosts, Josie Lopez and Karim Jernite, team up to explore the numerous benefits and challenges associated with remote work. They share their vast knowledge and experiences, providing invaluable insights for employees, employers, and businesses navigating this new era of work flexibility.

They shed light on how remote work can improve work-life balance, increase productivity, reduce commutes, and open doors for a more diverse and inclusive workforce. They discuss best practices for fostering collaboration, communication, and team-building in a remote environment, ensuring that remote employees stay engaged and connected with their colleagues and the company’s values.

About Our Speakers

Karim Jernite
Karim Jernite

CEO at Advancio

Josie Lopez

Co-Founder at Advancio

Advancio Digital Marketing

Advancio's Marketing Team, in charge of bringing to life the creative ideas and the most useful insights directly to you.

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