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Advancio, a prominent figure in the world of intelligent technology solutions and social impact, is thrilled to announce the presence of its CEO, Josie Lopez, at the prestigious Strategic Growth Forum (SGF) event hosted by EY (Ernst & Young) in Palm Springs. 

A promising participation

Josie Lopez, an accomplished leader and entrepreneur, has been making waves in the business world. She was selected to be a part of the Entrepreneur Access Network (EAN) cohort class of 2022, an initiative by EY to support and empower promising entrepreneurs. Her participation in the program has been nothing short of inspirational. She has continued her involvement with the EAN community, now serving in a leadership role on the Alumni Advisory Board. 

An exciting event

The SGF event, hosted by EY, is a gathering of influential thought leaders, business luminaries, and visionaries who come together to discuss and shape the future of business. The event provides a platform for dialogue, networking, and sharing of insights on crucial issues impacting the business landscape. 

Josie Lopez’s presence at the Strategic Growth Forum is a testament to her growing influence and leadership in the business world. The spirit of innovation, diversity, and social impact is deeply embedded in Advancio’s DNA. 

A word from our CEO

Josie expressed her enthusiasm, saying:

“It is an honor to represent Advancio at the SGF event by EY. The experience with the Entrepreneur Access Network was incredibly valuable, and I’m excited to bring these insights to the forefront of discussions at SGF. I look forward to engaging with fellow industry leaders and contributing to meaningful conversations.” 

Advancio extends its warmest congratulations to Josie Lopez for her achievements and contributions to the business community. We look forward to the insights, connections, and inspirations that will emerge from her participation in the EY SGF event. 

About Advancio: 

Advancio is a prominent intelligent technology solutions provider with a strong commitment to innovation, diversity, and social impact. Always driven by the passion of making a positive difference through technology. This is why our initiatives have made us a leader in the evolving landscape of tech and social change. 

About Ernst & Young SGF: 

The EY Strategic Growth Forum is an esteemed event that gathers influential business leaders, entrepreneurs, and industry disruptors to explore, discuss, and shape the future of business. It provides a platform for high-level discussions, networking, and knowledge sharing among visionary leaders. 

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