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Advancio, a prominent player in the tech industry committed to innovation and diversity, is gearing up for an exciting initiative this November – ‘Movember,’ a month-long campaign aimed at shedding light on men’s health and the importance of cancer screenings and preventative care.

Why Movember?

“Putting down our razors and letting our beards and mustaches run wild, all in the name of awareness,” says Karim Jernite, Co-Founder of Advancio. The ‘Movember’ campaign is a meaningful endeavor to ignite conversations about men’s cancer and encourage early screenings and preventative measures.

In the tech industry, it’s no secret that the workforce is predominantly male. Advancio is actively working to change this by promoting diversity and inclusion. Yet, it’s vital to recognize the male-dominant industry’s impact on Advancio, its peers, colleagues, partners, and clients.

By participating in ‘Movember,’ Advancio is taking the lead in raising awareness and promoting a culture of proactive health in the tech sector.

A Close-to-Heart Motivation

This cause holds personal significance for Advancio as well. Josie Lopez, Co-Founder of Advancio, lost her father to colon cancer in 2013. His story serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of early screenings and preventative care. This loss is a driving force behind Advancio’s commitment to raising awareness and making a positive change in the realm of men’s health.

What To Expect

Throughout November, Advancio will be engaging in various activities, discussions, and events aimed at raising awareness and funds for men’s health causes. The ‘Movember’ campaign aligns with Advancio’s vision, leading in tech while promoting a diverse and healthy workforce.

Josie Lopez stated,

“Our commitment to ‘Movember’ is a testament to our dedication to diversity, innovation, and social impact. We honor my father’s memory and ensure that no one else suffers a preventable loss.”

A quick introduction to this initiative:

Our Goal

Advancio invites its employees, partners, clients, and friends to join in the ‘Movember’ movement and engage in conversations about the importance of men’s health. By sharing stories, raising funds, and fostering awareness, Advancio aims to make a meaningful impact.

Special shout out to all the other organizations that will be participating in the effort this year: National Foundation for Cancer Research / American Cancer Fund / DonorDrive

We are looking for featured guest to be part of our web series to talk and have candid conversations about their experiences with the subject, and experts in the field to share medical advances in the area. If you are interested in participating in the campaign to just let your hair grow or be a featured guest sign up below.


Brews for a Cause: No Shave November Event | The Geeks Group

Bearded friends

Get ready to enjoy some fantastic brews and show off your impressive facial hair creations.

This event is all about supporting men’s health and raising funds for a great cause. So, grab your friends, put on your best beard, and let’s have a blast while making a difference! Don’t miss out on this epic gathering of geeks and their glorious beards!

For more details such as locations and dates click below.


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About ‘Movember’:

‘Movember’ is an annual global movement that raises awareness and funds for men’s health causes. It centers on issues like prostate and testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention, addressing these crucial concerns. In this campaign, ‘Mo Bros’ and ‘Mo Sistas’ grow mustaches and engage in activities to raise awareness for the cause.

About Advancio:

Advancio is a forward-thinking technology solutions provider with a strong commitment to diversity, innovation, and social impact. As a tech industry leader, it prioritizes innovation and inclusivity to foster a healthy workforce and drive change

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