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In addition to having an extra team effort for achieving certain business goals, you can take advantage of all the benefits that the recruitment process (RPO) can offer you in the short and long term. From extra time spent in high-demand periods to HR management, this strategy can offer you more than just talented hands.

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What is RPO?

RPO recruitment not only involves sourcing candidates but also meeting recruitment demands and making strategic decisions to address certain challenges. These include compliance, logistics, and support for executing actions. Unlike other major recruitment processes, this strategy is customizable. Thus, you can use it for more than just extra support for achieving your goals.

This model is based on understanding your company’s objectives and planning an appropriate approach to the various external recruitment resources. This can represent cost savings, information gains, and innovative processes.

As a result, RPO recruitment can provide your company with a variety of alternatives to be implement alongside a well-informed decision-making process. RPO can be performed on-demand based on flow changes in sales, stock, and other related areas. To quickly manage these challenges by having access to resources that can be part of the solution, you will therefore have what you need when you need it.

On its part, a hybrid RPO recruiting offers both hiring and management services with flexibility and compliance regulations. This means talent can meet their specific roles while a provider handles other responsibilities related to sourcing and administering.

A project-based RPO is built on constant recruitment processes that are practical for defining goals, scope, and timelines in the short term. This is one of the most used models nowadays because you see benefits from the already established hiring processes alongside the maintenance of recruitment talent flow.

Finally, a full-service recruitment process outsourcing encompasses all stages of the recruitment process, from sourcing to management to adding significant value to the process. In other words, this is a path in which the provider assumes the role of choosing candidates and provides insights about a business’ brand. Furthermore, you will be able to implement other actions that merge with your company’s culture.

What Are the Pros of Using RPO?

Though implementing RPO recruitment may seem like an expensive risk that only large businesses can take, RPO also benefits smaller companies.


Recruitment process outsourcing allows you to quickly respond to expected and unexpected changes by redirecting efforts in different areas at the same time. This strategy is also adaptable for different company sizes and offers a different technological infrastructure than yours. Consequently, it can complement your business.

Controlled Risk

Since you are recruiting for specific objectives and time, your company won’t spend large amounts of money on regular recruitment. Thus, you only pay for what you need and not for long-term expenses related to legal work commitments. Regulatory compliance with the RPO recruiting is higher; thus, the reputation of the business can grow.

Cost Reduction

With some extra support, you will see a cost reduction as the RPO provider will assume those expenses. This can lead to major financial savings that can be shifted to other areas of business.

Expert Knowledge

With focused recruiting efforts, you can count on your extended talent expertise in an area that you may not have in regular recruitment. This normally means having access to a wider talent pool that can derive from more creativity, specialized skills, and developed niches.

Hiring Strategies Improvement

Since you are counting on RPO recruitment, you will also see more accurate strategies and methods deployed. This includes process alignments and simplifications, recruitment, tracking and reporting, talent retention in difficult areas, better hiring, and more diverse team building, among others. You will also have faster hiring at lower costs while saving on related resources.


With more analytics and an external overview, what is RPO for you can escalate and modify your business’ workforce planning. In addition, it can transform your insights, talent analytics, and more as you open your vision up to new solutions.

Why Implementing RPO Will Boost your Business Profitability?

While small businesses assume various roles including recruiting, training, payroll, compensation, and human relations, RPO offers more pros than cons. With this strategy, a business enjoys more access to navigate the labor market. Thus, an organization will count on specialized routes of action alongside better talent alignment and strategic planning.

Despite the recruitment process outsourcing hiring market dropping 11% in 2020 due to the pandemic, according to Everest Group and the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) (2021), it continues growing and 2021 is being the year of recovery. Everest Group’s analyst Ani Kulkarni said that they anticipated a “strong double-digit growth” of RPO in 2021 while the North American RPO market continues to be the biggest area with 50% and Asian Pacific and Latin America markets continuing to grow at a faster rate.

You must then define the technical details of the recruiting talent, the level transformation of your recruitment process, business and project requirements, and how much you will invest in this area.

Don’t worry about finding the best RPO recruitment for your business or if you have doubts. You can count on Advancio to help you find the right one that matches your goals. We provide you with a trained team that fits into your business culture using a highly effective recruitment method. Hire RPO Service and start seeing positive changes in your company.

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