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Welcome to this episode of Advancio Tech Talks, a show dedicated to highlight the out of the box thinkers in tech and their ideas, products, services, and brands.

About This Talk

On this episode we delve into the very important topics of GreenTech, energy renewal processes, the implementation of solar panels, and of course the tech behind it.

Siddharth Ganga and Raj Krishnamurty from Arka Energy join subject matter expert Max from Advancio to unravel the digital transformation in the solar panel industry!

About Our Speakers

Advancio Tech Talks solar panels greentech Arka Energy
Siddharth Gangal

General Manager Arka Energy

Advancio Tech Talks solar panels greentech Arka Energy
Raj Krishnamurty

CTO Arka Energy

Karim Jernite
Karim Jernite

Tech Expert at Advancio

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