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On this episode of Advancio Talks on the Go, from ITC Vegas 2023, Farooq Sheikh shares his expertise and advocates for the consumer in insurance.

About This Talk

Advancio is now on the go! Our very own Karim Jernite visited our friends at ITC Vegas and we recorded the amazing conversations happening within the Insurtech industry.

Featuring this episode is Farooq Sheikh, Insurance Lead at Unqork, sharing his experience prioritizing customers, how the ai revolution changed the needs of insurance costumers.

About Our Speakers

Farooq Sheikh Unqork
Farooq Sheikh

Insurance Lead at Unqork

Karim Jernite
Karim Jernite

Tech Expert at Advancio

Advancio Digital Marketing

Advancio's Marketing Team, in charge of bringing to life the creative ideas and the most useful insights directly to you.

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