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When: Oct 10, 2023
Time: 9:00 AM PST

About This Talk

In this episode, we’re talking about cloud observability and how it can help businesses improve their performance, reliability, and security. We’re also going to discuss the latest trends in cloud technology and how businesses can stay ahead of the curve.

We are thrilled to have our guest speaker with us today, Savan Kharod, the Sr. Marketing of Middleware. Middleware is a leading cloud observability platform that helps organizations get a complete view of their cloud infrastructure and applications.

About Our Speakers

Savan Kharod
Savan Kharod

Sr. Marketing of Middleware

Rosy Politron

Sales Representative at Advancio

Advancio Digital Marketing

Advancio's Marketing Team, in charge of bringing to life the creative ideas and the most useful insights directly to you.

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