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If you’re thinking of checking product code and testing it to find errors, you’re probably talking about what a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) does. This type of engineer should have both coding and testing skills and it’s a definite component to have in mind when you think about software development services and products.

An SDET understands what the customer’s expectations are to test if the software product works as it should. To do this, the engineer checks the system requirements to select test cases and run automated tests. As a result, these types of professionals guarantee that the final software product is robust and secure.

In the Tech Webinar Intro to SDET: How does it fit within the SDLC?, our instructor Andres, SDET at Advancio, taught us the basics of manual and automation testing, the importance of this process, and the role of an SDET team. Accordingly, this webinar also provided some tips about what should be automated and what is not, and where to start with automation, among others. Watch it here!

Topics We Covered in This Webinar about SDET

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 4:09 What Is the Software Development Life Cycle?
  • 7:49 What Is the Difference between Manual Testing vs Automation Testing?
  • 8:44 Types of Automation
  • 10:18  Responsibilities of a SDET Team
  • 14:08 Where Should I Start for Automation?
  • 17:43 How Does It Fit within the SDLC?
  • 24:45 How to Select an Automation Tool/Framework?
  • 28:31 What Should Not Be Automated?
  • 31:10 What Is the Importance of Automation Process?
  • 32:20 Q&A: What Are the Responsibilities of a Manual in the Automation Life Cycle?
  • 34:11 Q&A: What Happens When the Automation Team Finds a Bug?
  • 35:29 Q&A: As a SDET, Do You Create Test Cases?
  • 36:48 Q&A: How Do Manual and SDET Teams Work Together?
  • 39:32 Q&A: How Do You Decide either to Do Manual or Automation?
  • 41:58 Outro

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