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Policy management and data entry can be a real headache for insurers, especially if many manual processes that can be automated are still in place. Understanding that this can lead to more quotes per day and ameliorate business productivity in the insurance industry, we accepted the challenge.

An enterprise level insurance company needed to finish a safe platform for its users in order to acquire insurance. They wanted to count on a reliable IT outsourcing partner with quality code and capabilities that could provide the application with high levels of specificity.

 Needs Identification: Complete Development for an iOS Platform


Improving the customer experience when acquiring and purchasing insurance is one of the most common pain points in the industry. Some processes take longer than initially expected and the user can feel disconnected due to the non-visibility of the advancements or the late responses. That’s why an application can be the perfect channel to connect users with your services and empower them to do some processes by themselves.

This insurer understood this need and wanted to expand its capabilities, so they wanted to create an application with high responsiveness and customization for their clients. Advancio jumped into the field with the right .NET developers to identify the needs of the insurance company and build insurance software with highly customized modules.

Main Challenges of IOS Platform Implementation


  • Old Tech Platform

One of the main challenges of this project was the fact that the insurance software used old tech. This made it harder for the remote team to develop modules, given they had to be very specific in order to match compatibility with the existing software.

  • Complex Migration

Another item that added complexity to the project was that the insurer needed to migrate the information into the application. This included the implementation, obtainment, and gathering of all this data. It took some time to do this, but the decision to migrate from TFS to GIT was made with the support of Advancio.

  • Highly Customization

Every module for the iOS rater is custom created according to the client’s needs. So, the development team carefully curated the modules to match business rules, the different carrier’s coverage packages, among other specific requirements.



The remote developers implemented tech stacks, such as Visual basic .Net , Net framework,, SQL Server, Oracle, XML, Active Reports. Consequently, they built modules as complex as:

  • Quoting manager

The module registered new quotes and retrieved them.

  • Policy management

The insurer was able to make payments and endorsements as well as upload and retrieve documents.



The insurance software offered more detailed information about different processes. These include policies, transactions, cancellations, endorsement reports, producer sweep reports, and commission reports, among others. This helped improve the decision-making process.

  • Forms & Docs

The created module offered printable forms and manuals, regeneration of applications, and reprint endorsement confirmation to streamline processes.

  • Producer management

The insurance company had producer information, documents, and a scorecard with the option to upload producer documents.



  • Quote Increasement

This new system enabled our client to process up to 1000 quotes per day, and prior to iOS the number was pretty low as it was all done manually.

  • High-Skilled Staff Augmentation

In partnership with the insurer, our team has grown to address their needs. The hired, agile, scalable, and nearshore development team expanded during the different phases of the implementation and beyond the project itself. In that way, we have shown our quality and capability to meet deadlines and support businesses in expanding its operations.

Last Words on Insurers’ Challenges and Insurance Software Implementation


More than just completing or solving process-related issues, we helped this insurer scale its operations. While this type of solution can help you gain market share in the insurance industry, it can also drive you to gain adaptability. This is especially important in challenging times where the trend is to take advantage of technology and tech partnerships to succeed.

Custom insurance software can allow companies to not only perform better, but also boost the customer experience. This can lead to processing more quotes through quality processes. Additionally, you can gain more engagement and loyalty from your clients.

If you want to know more in detail about how software development and other tech solutions can revitalize your processes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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