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There is no doubt that quality assurance is vital for any software development. Consequently, you will probably have heard about QA automation and manual QA. But is there really a need to choose one process over the other? Let’s find out!

In other words, manual testing is more focused on the user experience and aims to verify or disapprove of how people expect the software to work. In contrast, automated testing can execute scripts on several networks or multiple devices to save time. So, is the combined manual and automated effort worth it?

In the Tech Webinar QA Automation & Manual QA: An Approach to Sum Efforts, our instructor Manuel, SDET Developer at Advancio, taught us the basics of manual and automated quality assurance. Moreover, he shared with us the challenges, advantages, and best practices of combining both efforts to optimize processes inside the QA team. Watch it here:

 Topics We Covered in This Webinar about QA

  • 0:07 Introduction
  • 2:04 Manual QA on Software Life Cycle
  • 3:58 Why automation?
  • 6:03 Manual QA Vs Automation?
  • 7:44 Sum efforts manual and automation QA
  • 8:56 Tools
  • 10:50 Gherkin Language
  • 13:17 An approach to organize QA teams
  • 16:58 My experience using this approach
  • 20:11 Challenges
  • 23:28 Conclusion
  • 26:08 Q&A Session
  • 26:26 Q&A: Why do we need to start to combine effort between Automation and Manual QA?
  • 27:22 Q&A: What differences automation vs manual QA have?
  • 28:47 Q&A: Is there a way to communicate with other software? What tools are available?
  • 30:08 Q&A: What impact does this approach have for business?
  • 32:03 Outro

Finally, if you want to grow as a QA engineer, make sure to watch our next webinars and enroll in our development program. Meanwhile, you can be part of our remote teams!

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