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It’s never too late to take steps to improve your business performance alongside your security IOT standards. Here is what you must consider when choosing the right secure technologies for your next software development project.

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“Musts” to Meet Security IOT Standards?

While there are more easy-to-use frameworks with wider options to protect information, there are also some basic practices. These include encryption and the use of tokens to safeguard both development and user data on a variety of levels.

Detect System Vulnerabilities before Attacks

Based on new trends and available technologies, you must include tools that detect system vulnerabilities in your development architecture and address security methods used to combat them.

In this sense, encrypting codes, multifactor authentication, and auditing accesses are preventive measures to prevent potential attacks. In fact, your team can implement data encryption on various platforms. This can be useful, especially in the sandbox, to reduce framework vulnerabilities and associated security IOT risks.

Be on Date with Security Algorithms

Alongside the emergence of new security methods, it is a must to be aware of different levels of authentication, including the API and its security measures. This means constantly applying updates to security algorithms to guarantee user privacy and secure transactions. You can check the latest protocols here!

Implement Machine Learning and AI

Comparing user behavior is another way to prevent malicious attacks and mitigate risks. By implementing machine learning and AI, you can boost usage of secure IOT authentication methods and treat specific data locations to save time and money.

Be Aware of Storage Protection

As a “must” practice for your project, data protection plays a differential role in creating backups and recovering data. Consequently, your team should check data-sensitive infrastructure locations to avoid storing information there or losing it. Additionally, you can use data loss prevention technologies to also block certain risky activities.

Run QA Testing

Before launching the project, our quality assurance (QA) testing methodology provides you with constant value integration and delivery, as well as bug reporting and tracking to enhance your security IOT status.

Through a series of different types of testing based on QA metrics, your team can identify existing failures and potential ones during the initial software development and throughout the software run. If you need testers for your project, at Advancio we can provide you with an expert team to do so.

Popular Secure Technologies for Software Development

There are a variety of resources available to support development. This includes several programming languages that are on top for the year according to Analytics Insight (2021) and are among the most secure technologies to consider.


  • Features open-source libraries with a large number of support packages to ease its use.
  • Deploys various frameworks that provide high flexibility alongside scalability.
  • Includes Angular.js is a simple frontend for building interactive experiences in a web browser.
  • Includes Reacts.js creates frontend-based development for simple or complex user interfaces with less code.
  • Includes Vue.Js offers a combination of Angular.js and Reacts.js’ end-to-end building applications for web and mobile.
  • Includes Express.js included in Node.js offers a minimalistic functionality for end-to-end web applications and API development.


  • Features object-oriented programming, clean coding syntax, and massive data handling for both web and mobile applications.
  • In terms of security IOT, it deploys a series of APIs and tools that allow security algorithms, encryption, and access controls for users’ personal information to be stored in a secure environment.


  • Features flexibility, various packages, and frameworks like Django for app development end-to-end simplification.
  • Provides the largest support for machine learning and data science in general if you are considering implementing these secure technologies.


  • Offers simpler language and memory management tools for more dynamic development that runs both on iOS and Windows.
  • Provides flexibility and a large set of tools for research and game-building purposes.

Additional resources to include in the list are Swift for iOS application development that is easy to use and update, and PHP for its dynamic platform for building highly integrated interfaces and databases. Finally, we mention Ruby on Rails (RoR), which is a faster programming language given its reusable code and default structure for data management.

Why Choose .Net and JavaScript Framework?

For executing programming languages, we suggest going for frameworks that support multiple of them to offer wider features and scale your development projects. In this sense, you should consider the JavaScript framework and .Net framework as innovative technology assets.

JavaScript is the most well-known programming language library in the world, which is why using it or, at least, understanding how to use it is necessary. Due to its wide set of open-source resources and object-oriented programming, your team will save time in data management and code creation as well as provide clients with scalable development environments.

The .Net framework suits advanced web development pretty well. This set of resources built into Windows not only supports development, but also the maintenance of the included items. .NET offers object-oriented programming, open-source code libraries, and APIs to support building cross-platform applications in various domains.

In both the .Net framework and the JavaScript framework it is possible to implement innovative technologies such as machine learning, big data, and AI. This provides you with a great component integration range for your specific industry, more security IOT options, and an easy way to collect and use more data for development improvements.

As a result, your team will have access to multiple features and existing code, that change depending on the used framework, reduce development time for project launches, and increase your performance on secure technologies.

Now that you are aware of these considerations, you can start questioning and making decisions to improve your business security IOT. Advancio has extensive experience with this type of digital transformation, contact us!

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