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More than being an organizing tool, your management software can help you improve several areas of your business. From task assignments to setting reminders, the most basic ones are functional to monitor workflow processes.

There are more complete ones that allow you to automate status reports and give you access to subfunctions within an app. The latter should be included in your allies’ first approach with these types of technologies or already implemented strategies in the digital transformation process.

Having said this, Microsoft has developed a number of combined management programs to ease the workload, enhance security measures and connections, and focus on critical tasks. Besides making your organization better, you can count on other tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. This will also improve your business performance.

Interesting Facts from these Microsoft Products

In 2021, Microsoft Dynamics 365 business center had a revenue increase of 45% during its first quarter and Microsoft Power Platform income grew 84% year over year according to Forbes (2021). Both Microsoft tools encompass over 2.85 million active community members and are constantly growing with the latest updates year by year (Microsoft, 2021).

In real-time, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform offer you resources on task assignments, results collecting, and data sharing. Despite both collections of apps having similar functions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Center, in its latest update, has a more task and track management focus. In contrast, Microsoft Power Platform is more focused on creating solutions, among other benefits.

While it is important to have additional support to install and initiate the above-mentioned software, your team don’t need to be experts in how to use them. Throughout this article, we will explain why you need to consider them for your business strategy.

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What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a planning tool launched in 2016 that combines enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems in one place. This is an interface that can help businesses to better organize data. This means it can improve different areas such as marketing, customer service, sales, and projects, among other ones. These can impact both relationships and operations in terms of companies’ productivity.

This application set allows you to have all the individual tools that you need in just one place. You can then manage or add solutions based on your project or business requirements in real-time. This ERP and CRM facility allows you to better understand the app functioning with just a minimal configuration.

Regarding the planned budget, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscription will be cheaper than other business models. This given it will provide you with more opportunities for a comparable good price. As a result, you will have a whole package of tools, more automated and rapid processes. Additionally, you will have a dynamic support without the need for additional operational costs. In case your project requires it, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can even be used as a data source for any app deployed to Microsoft Power Platform through the included integration. This is best seen in your savings and expenses company records in significantly reducing costs.

How You Can Benefit the Most with 365?

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 business center collects customer data, your business can learn from your potential audience and target it. As result, you can be aware, measure, track and execute and change strategies and KPIs if your customer relationships require it. Using this tool, you can customize the experience and update it whenever your team needs it to make better decisions. This approach will not only allow you to deliver more customized information but also offer faster responses.

This ERP and CRM solution enhances teamwork dynamics by facilitating task assignments. It also eases project management tracking as only one interface can perform various functions at the same time, unlike just one person.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also offers various modalities for using the service and full integration with Microsoft products. You can manage the project and your team in the cloud or in a hybrid cloud environment based on your team’s flow, project requirements, budget, and infrastructure. Obviously, each mode has its pros and cons for web browser and mobile device access, security, and storage across all different platforms.

Having taken into consideration all these features, we can say that you can scale the size and scope of your project throughout its development and, furthermore, your business. Additionally, you can change the type of subscription for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 business center. This could be adapted according to your monthly or quarterly results. Additionally, if your planning and dynamics work properly, you will increase the efficiency and productivity of your company.

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What Is Microsoft Power Platform?

This management and measurement solution launched in 2018 integrates various business processes from team dynamics to business management. These facilities include Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Automate Desktop, and Power Virtual Agents. These can be integrated with GitHub and Teams in case you need them.

Detailing the previously mentioned software, PowerBI provides data visualization for analytics, and Power Apps offers a no-code or low-code writing environment for building custom apps. Additionally, Power Automate allows the implementation of business workflow products. Power Automate Desktop designs automated graphical user interfaces. Finally, Power Virtual Agents presents an interface to create chatbots that can be integrated into the company’s business workflow.

By using Microsoft’s Power Platform, you can gain full data and program access for the cyclical running of your company. You and your team can gain insights from your customers, analyze data, energize the workflow, automate and customize processes, and create solutions based on your goals and scope. Not only will it improve your teamwork performance, but so will do your understanding of customer needs.

The full set of tools can be connected to Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, other Microsoft programs, and third-party applications to give you easier integration. Your team will have the chance to use it without having a lot of technical experience and in less time. They will then avoid spending time on tasks that are already built into templates or can be automized. As a result, you will streamline the entire business process, saving time and resources.

How You Can Benefit the Most with Power Platform?

Besides gaining business intelligence, the Microsoft Power Platform allows you to create visuals to present your data and customize your experience. In this sense, templates are just a pre-built model, but they can vary depending on your project’s strategy, goals, and scope. In case you need to modify these parameters during the development of a project and the expansion of your business, it can be done. You just simply adjust the features to both reduce and increase the scale of the project.

Like other facilities, the cloud-based database allows for secure storage and management of information without a physical infrastructure. This may represent some savings on an estimated budget. The standard tables for the platform also help you scale your company using artificial intelligence. In fact, according to “The Total Economic Impact(TM) of Microsoft Power Platform 2021” study released by Microsoft (2021), implementing this solution can lead to a 502% ROI, $25.92 million NPV (net present value), and an investment payback in 11 months.

In terms of Microsoft Power Platform licensing, this process is complex. Because of the differing characteristics and use rights of each Power Program and its respective licensing terms. While you will have access to regular tools and functions with standard user rights, having Dataverse for Teams will improve the experience. Accordingly, your team will be able to use premium features. It’s important that you count on expert advice to connect to this set of well-suited facilities for your needs.

Microsoft Power Platform

What Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform Could Represent for Your Business Improvement?

More than achieving short-term goals, these Microsoft programs will help you stay on the path to achieving a long-term strategy. These will give you the bigger picture of your business processes in a specific industry or area. It could even give you insights into new ones to collect.

We already mentioned some individual benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. Together they can offer you pricing levels, client listings, lead creation, more targeted marketing campaigns, and outcomes evaluation. That is to say, not only will you have management and operational benefits, but financial ones that will be more than just reducing the final budget.

While a worldwide pandemic is an unexpected situation, there is no doubt that being able to continue operating in the market and take advantage of new insights to lift the business, a model shift or a more adaptable one, is a constant. These Microsoft programs provide faster adaption to changes, smarter workloads to boost productivity, and better performance improvements and responses.

You can achieve all of this through a collaborative modality with business intelligence. Consequently, it can lead to a major digital transformation. In the bigger picture, this will have repercussions in building more solutions. Furthermore, you can increase internal and external collaboration between the company and teams.

As a result, you and your team will be able to rethink, readjust, and reimplement actions to address difficult challenges while you focus on company growth. Additionally, Microsoft, as one of the most important software companies in history, is constantly innovating these frameworks. Accordingly, it follows the most updated trends and technologies.

Other Considerations to Get the Most Out of These Applications

That is to say, if you have a license for Microsoft programs, you don’t have to worry about being up to date or constantly investing money in the medium term in updating or changing the software provider. The same advantage comes when you think about integrating old data into new data without having to hire an expert to migrate it. This given the interfaces do this automatically.

Considering your team, if they have more information and tools to manage it, they will almost certainly make better decisions. It may also be undervalued, but they will thank you for having data access and being able to implement actions in the same place because it will save them click times and learning different program interfaces.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the scheduled services to offer new facilities to their clients. Besides calls, responses, or appointments, this set of tools can improve the quality of the customer’s attention in terms of capacity and time, which could make a difference compared to your competitors. These attributes will definitely be a plus regarding your placement in the market. Additionally, this will impact clients’ engagement with the brand and their purchasing habits.

Lopez Research, a trend-tracking business, defined the right time experiences (RTE) as “products, services, and applications that provide the right information to the right person at the right time on their device of choice” (Forbes, 2021). Microsoft programs take the next step in this area by focusing on a more customized, adaptative, and learning customer experience. This allows you to predict, contextualize and deliver new processes that are constantly building.

Final Thoughts

For more vertical solutions, a broader business portfolio of possibilities, and a cloud-based business environment, the aforementioned set of Microsoft programs are a key part to take into account. Whether your business is a small or large one in any industry, you will be able to deploy both platforms. Additionally, you will have its subsequent programs as part of a digital transformation strategy that extends to flexibility and scalability.

To install Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, counting on expert support will lift the weight off your shoulders. Talk to software development companies in USA like Advancio to answer questions, consult about the best solutions according to your business model, and get advice on how to run Microsoft programs each time you need it.

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