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Technology has transformed the landscape of all industries. The travel and tourism industry is no exception. According to a recent survey done by eMarketers, almost 70% of users use travel apps to book their tickets and plan their journeys.

Earlier, users had to rely on travel agents to book their tickets and plan their journey. But today, thanks to digitalization and technology, full-fledged travel apps are on the market.

The mobile app development has helped travelers and benefited the travel industry. If you plan to transform your business by developing a travel app, you can connect with a travel app development company to build a responsive travel mobile app.

In this blog post, you will learn how a mobile app can help you transform your travel industry.

Top Reasons Why Travel Apps Have Become So Popular

1) User-Friendly

Travelers use apps for travel as a way to book tickets online, make hotel reservations as well as information about destinations, including local attractions and food establishments; research new places; read reviews on a place they are planning to visit; share photos of their trip; and leave feedback on a location for either an airline, hotel or even an event.

Apps such as Wikitude provide the most current information on the monuments and buildings you’re planning to visit. Wikitude uses the camera on your smartphone to overlay relevant photos and other content onto your phone’s screen.

2) Powerful Marketing Tool

Through apps, travel companies can enhance their visibility and presence in the competitive travel industry. It has been proved that companies following the SoLoMo trend of using social media and local platforms to connect with their users can optimize their expected ROI.

Groupon and Foursquare apps are great examples of how businesses can expand their reach through social media like Facebook and Twitter. Through mobile apps, companies can reach out to millions of users with a single click and race miles ahead of competitors.

3) Increase Client Base and Client Loyalty

The business can attract new customers by offering promotions, first-time app discounts, seasonal promotions, and cost-effective holiday packages. Rewards programs that offer discounts so that the next time they book with those who are privileged will result in an increase in visits and incomes.

Providing timely offers and discounts helps you retain your customers and increase their chances of gaining new customers.

4) Apps are Direct Channels to Customers

Mobile apps are a fantastic method to stay in touch with users prior to, during, and after travel. By studying users’ preferences and needs through their browsing history in the app, a travel agency will be able to better understand the needs and preferences of its customers.

A company may be able to offer personalized vacation packages to each client depending on the budget and needs of each customer. It can also assist in the development of future advertising campaigns.

Another helpful feature used by many travel apps is feedback and suggestions, through which companies can stay clear of negative publicity and build an intimate relationship with their customers. TripAdvisor App is built upon these fundamentals. It has grown into a trusted source of data for future travelers.

5) Reduce Paperwork and Additional Cost

With the help of mobile apps, you can be paper-free. The soft copies of your travel guide, receipts, receipts, hotel tickets, and reservation papers, as well as passports, can be used to manage the mounting of papers.

It also reduces the need for labor and costs for resources. This is not only great for businesses but also for customers, as they are able to rest in peace knowing that their documents are safe on their tablet or phone and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Amazing Features That Can Make Your Travel App More Successful

1) Amazing Booking System

Intelligent booking systems aid tourists and travelers perform a variety of tasks, including scheduling reminders for price comparisons, prompt alerts on discounts for new and future bookings, and categorization all in one place.

This feature will fit perfectly into the daily routine of any person. It is also easy to use, making the user experience an exciting one.

2) SEO Friendly

The majority of travelers search for specific places and services that are available on the web. For instance, exciting places within Europe or Africa, such as Maasai Mara. If you want to visit an exotic location, people can search for “London resorts,” and they will find information about almost all the top destinations.

Although it may sound simple, what makes these apps so appealing are many factors. This can include having an aesthetically pleasing design and a strong social media presence that helps users locate what they are looking for easily. This is the point where SEO can be useful.

A well-optimized app can guide users in the right direction each time. A good travel app can be enough to aid travel and tourism companies in making notes on the next move they need to take.

Furthermore, apps designed for local SEO can enhance the user experience. This can be done by providing local suggestions and are served to travelers according to their preferences and location.

The apps make use of mobile location information to provide benefits to the users. But also enhance the user experience and speed up the planning process.

3) In-App Cab Booking Options

Mobile travel apps can also assist users in making hotel, flight, train, and taxi reservations with just a few clicks and without having to leave the app. Booking cabs in this manner lets users view exactly where the cab is located and the estimated time of arrival for the taxi. Apart from the arrival time, users can see the expected travel amount they will need to pay.

But it also broadens the information’s scope by providing valuable information. This can include registration numbers and contact information for drivers and car color. In addition to the comprehensive advantages of information, there’s the security element that makes travel safer.

4) Geolocation

Once they have arrived at their final destination, many travelers want to know the world about them. This includes finding a restaurant, club, or hotel. This is where the geolocation functionality from the travel app is useful.

It lets people move about comfortably and effortlessly without worrying about getting lost in the far reaches of the wilderness. This is crucial, especially for people traveling to a destination they’ve never been to before.

5) Climate and Weather Forecasting

Real-time weather forecasting capabilities assist travelers with planning and time-sensitive bookings for flights. Additionally, it helps travelers pack the appropriate clothes based on weather conditions.

There are a variety of apps that offer impressive features that are appropriate for various regions, continents and kinds. Some allow users to track what temperature is in the ocean and humidity, as well as hurricane forecasters.

6) Trip Reviews

Through this feature, travelers can write reviews about a place and share their experiences with other travelers. This helps to increase awareness and improve the services of hotels, cafes, and other related businesses.

Apart from this, many travelers can check the reviews and ratings that other travelers have shared for the app and the place they have visited. Online reviews and ratings play an important role in your business in this modern era.


In this modern era, mobile apps have made work easier for most of us. Regarding business prospects, they play an essential role in your business and acts as an online asset.

You can have a look at the travel app development guide before you move on to develop an engaging and responsive travel app for your business that can stand unique in the market.

About the Autor

Richard Roundy is a senior mobile app developer, working at a leading mobile app development company at AppsChopper for more than 10 years. He takes interest in sharing his knowledge and expertise through writing blogs and journals.

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