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Advancio, a global technology leader celebrated for its state-of-the-art software development solutions, is thrilled to announce a progressive transformation in its approach to workspaces. In response to the changing landscape of work, Advancio is reimagining its Ensenada and Casablanca production centers by introducing innovative collaboration spaces. Concurrently, the company is inaugurating satellite offices in strategic locations worldwide, this way, embracing remote work.

An increasing need 

According to the World Economic Forum’s the future of jobs report 2023, “the intertwined economic and geopolitical crises of the past three years created an uncertain and divergent outlook for labor markets, widening disparities between developed and emerging economies and among workers.” 

This strategic shift underscores Advancio’s dedication to amplifying its global footprint while fostering a dynamic, collaborative work environment that stimulates innovation and prioritizes employee well-being. For example, in South Africa the formal unemployment rate has climbed to 30%, five percent point higher than it was pre-pandemic. And research shows a vibrant tech hub in the area filled with talent pipelines that need to our presence.  

A structured plan

Key elements of Advancio’s workspace transformation strategy include: 

  1. Modernizing Office Spaces: Recognizing the need for adaptable, agile workspaces; Advancio is moving away from conventional cubicle-centric office layouts. In their place, the company is introducing dynamic collaboration spaces designed to inspire creativity, interaction, and teamwork among its workforce.
  1. Satellite Offices in Strategic Hubs: Enhancing global presence and connect with diverse markets. Advancio is establishing satellite offices in key global locations, including Mexico City (CDMX), Guadalajara, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Honduras, and Nigeria. These locations are meticulously chosen to tap into vibrant talent pools and emerging markets.
  1. Embracing Remote Work: Provide flexibility and support a global workforce. Advancio is empowering its employees with the tools and resources needed for effective remote work. The company recognizes that remote work is not just a trend, but a strategy for accessing diverse talent and driving innovation.

A growth opportunity

Advancio believes that this innovative approach will position the company as a pioneer in the technology sector. It’s not just about reimagining physical spaces but also creating a culture that thrives in diverse work settings. This empowers employees and partners to excel. 

Josie Lopez stated

“Our workspace transformation marks a new chapter in Advancio’s journey. We are committed to creating environments that foster innovation, inspire collaboration, and enable our teams to balance their professional and personal lives. We firmly believe this will propel our mission as a global technology leader.”

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About Advancio: 

Advancio is a global technology company renowned for its expertise in software development, integrated technology solutions and innovation.With a strong track record of delivering state-of-the-art solutions to its clients, Advancio is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements. The company’s commitment to innovation and adaptability ensures it remains a trusted partner for businesses seeking digital transformation. 

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