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Save Time and Hire App Developers

Counting on someone to work on your projects always represents a challenge, ensuring that the candidate meets your goals and understands the teamwork that flows from your project. However, there are several aspects to take into consideration that can save time and effort when you decide to hire app developers. Here is our guide to help you along on this mission and make it easier and more effective for you.

Determine the Type of Position You Need before Hiring

Once you have set your project objectives, it is vital that you determine the nature and scope of your mobile app development. Following this, you need to development strategies. This includes establishing if you will be going for an iOS app development or Android development, or maybe both? Setting deadlines that have reasonable testing and launching time, the type of design, and what features you want it to have.

Another important consideration is to investigate and ask people close to you in the Tech industry what the budget of the developer for this job should be. You can also do some research on freelance websites. So, give yourself that initial notion. Later, have the chance to reconsider what you really want and what you can really afford and see what counts.

Having this in mind, you know exactly what IT talent you need. So you can start looking for your iOS developer or Android developer skills to work with. The option is to hire a freelance or consulting firm to do the work. In both scenarios, talent, and experience, app developer references, budgeting, price fees, and remote communication are the key factors that make hiring work.

If your project is very ambitious, we recommend you consider working with a development team instead of just hiring an individual to avoid overwork. This will require more time, money, and effort to pick up. But certain specific sites and software development companies can help you with your tasks through staff augmentation.

Where and How to Hire both iOS Developer or Android developer

In today’s world, hiring is easier than you might think. However, this also brings more complexities to the table as face-to-face interviews, meetings and traditional payment methods no longer have much room for change in the digital currency market. In remote modalities, freelance sites, software development companies, and consulting firms are the new top-of-mind to hire app developers.

Freelance Sites

There are certain platforms that can support you in the hiring process. But what you should have at the top of the list are the specific benefits that they can provide you. These include the specific experience of the developer, the payment process, and the work guarantee. Here is our detailed list of freelance sites with their pros and cons.


This site has a quality verification modality where only 3% of developers who apply go through the process. As a result, you have more qualified candidates for your mobile app development. Regarding the latter, this is one of the focuses of Toptal, and provides a good customer approach regarding transparency fees and project tracking. To have all of this on one site, project fees could be considered high or premium. But this is the price to pay in exchange for having a good software assurance policy.


The selection process for the developers only allows 5% of the candidates to work on Hired. Thus, talent and a good end-result are generally guaranteed. This platform is focused on matching developers’ job skills with project requirements. The goal is to reduce the time spent on hiring that both employers and candidates could spend looking for a partnership. A developer with an advanced or more complete portfolio has a better chance of being the first choice for a project.


This site provides an intermediary support system where you detail your project, and an account manager understands your requirements to match you with the candidate who best suits your needs. This, obviously, saves you time and offers you a more humanized way to answer your questions and provide you with more information on how to best answer them. Additionally, it reduces the gap in understanding your mobile app development by allowing the developer to brief you on the project and deliver exactly what you requested. As a plus, X-team is fully remote, and the involved team will be working 24/7 on your project. This is a great way to get your team involved in the development of your project. Remember to take into consideration the hiring prices vs all the commodities that you might have available.

The platform focus is to hire app developers in less than 48 hours, while its developers’ verification process takes seven steps towards categorizing multidimensional expertise into a single platform that can be used to build a multi-dimensional application using the same tools as the one that runs on the platform. assumes the sourcing staff to qualify a candidate and ensure a full money-back if needed. For both security and quickness in developer selection and payment, the site fees for hiring could be higher than those of other sites. Again, this is just a matter of what you prioritize as a project leader.

If you are considering hiring through sites, you should know that 41% of freelancers find work through their past clients through other ways to find projects said a First Site Guide survey. Knowing this, you should also valorize the type of relationship that you develop with your remote collaborators and not the project end results.

Hire from Consulting Firms

Another way to hire app developers is by counting on consulting firms. This is a formal mechanism in which you will have more human contact, support, and regular payment and recruitment processes. Additionally, you will probably get more insights into what you want as you receive expert advice at every stage of iOS app development or Android development. With that in mind, you might want to know more about what type of developer you need, your mobile app scope, and other options to hire. This is especially true if you see yourself in the need to negotiate your budget vs what is necessary for your project. In the best of cases, you will find a halfway point.

It is no secret that if you have more invested resources, you might find someone faster. Through a consulting firm, you have a stronger chance of fulfilling this position in less time. As an advantage, you could have a greater project match assurance. Thus, you could invest this associated time taking on other challenges of your software development. As a plus, you can count on having the right expertise for hiring as technical professionals are taking the role. These businesses manage a real-time database with already proven expertise and skills for candidate search. Since they offer services like team augmentation through virtual teams, they must cover more background check processes. Because the hired developers are undermining the brand’s reputation. That last point also makes an iOS developer or Android developer more committed to the project. This given they have more to lose than being banned from a platform.

Other Benefits

A consulting firm could also provide you with higher levels of trust in step-by-step tracking of major security levels. In fact, a Harvard Business Review report regarding customer trust in data management says that transparency, customer control of their personal data, and fair value in return for the information they offer are vital to developing customer trust.

The consulting firm constantly checks the project timeline at different stages and this task not only relies on the project leader and the developer. There is also a backed security process. In this, the involved roles must commit to NDA contracts or confidential conditions as there is a large structure behind the hiring and development process. As with human resources matters, obviously, you can count on legal support at every stage of the project. In addition, you will also avoid hiring legal outsourcing to manage these affairs.

Freelancers VS Consulting Firms

While the objective is to hire app developers, there are certain pros and cons that you should know over if you need to work with an IOS developer or Android developer.

Budget VS End Results

By navigating through sites to include a freelance remote developer in your team, you have access to worldwide expertise, talent, and skills. This approach also includes saving costs on hiring-related processes. This could include intermediaries or other work benefits that will only pay for the project itself.

However, take into consideration the payment of supplemental benefits to your developer to keep them motivated. This might also be discussed in the first stage of the candidate pick-up as part of the salary negotiation. Most of all, you must have excellent skills in project management.

The software assurance of the project relies on the trust that you feel for the site you are hiring on and the commitment of the developer. Thus, you are vulnerable to payments and deadline meetings being held in the future. In contrast, counting on a consulting firm will guarantee you these last two issues. This given your staff is already working and has a compromised infrastructure. In this case, the hiring process might cost more because there are intermediaries to fulfill the benefits.

Project Focus VS Work Vision

When you are thinking about hiring a freelance, the usual method is to offer a job based on the project duration. That is to say, a limited work relationship that lasts for a certain amount of time. As a result, communication between you and your app’s mobile developer may be reduced due to delivery and checkout requirements.

The developer then has fewer responsibilities as an employer, which could be counterproductive. Once the project is finished, the relationship ends. The reality is that, generally, the best commitment of a developer is with the rating that they have on the platform to which they subscribe. Furthermore, verification and satisfaction conditions change across sites.

Instead, when you are supported by a consulting firm, it is more common to develop a team-building relationship. So you and your remote developer will interact with intermediaries and deliver replies with more responsibilities. It is also possible that this first contact could turn into an eventual long-term work relationship.

Since you are already counting on other people for the success of the project, it is more likely that you will have more trust in an iOS developer or an Android developer in the future. You could also consider offering to do other tasks beyond just thinking about the project’s end results.

Trust VS Advice

When using sites to meet and hire app developers, you should be aware of the guarantees and platform conditions. These include background checks, payment conditions, and end-result policies. While these aspects will provide you with a certain level of information and understanding, the reality is that the decision to access the sites and hire through them only relies on trust.

As key factors for converting your interest into a real hiring action, sites’ reviews and comments will give you critical details to count on a freelance developer subscribing to the site.

In contrast, consulting firms have a more mature reputation. This given they base their work and contact networks on teamwork performance over individual results. This includes a more reliable background check for a business that meets all legal conditions. Additionally, not only you will count on a trust policy, but also an advice provider.

To project success, you need to be ready to face different scenarios and prevent crises requires several action routes to mitigate adverse situations. So instead of being alone in the hiring and software development processes, you have a consulting firm as a backup. This last situation might change if the site that you want to use has staff involved in the step-by-step of the project instead of just being a transactional platform.

According to a Forbes‘ article that talks about Freelancing trends for 2021, the relationship between platform teams and freelancers is still a work “in progress.” Thus, we recommend that you run these challenges with a partner that supports you and even acts as a backup if needed.

Final Thoughts

Apart from this helpful guide, Advancio is ready to offer you recruitment, consulting, and tracking development services to hire an app developer if you are in the process of getting started with your app. Guarantee your software assurance while an experienced team assumes other roles and lightens the load on you.

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