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May 2021 was a very interesting month for Advancio’s TechLovers, since we got a bit offline and looked around to learn more about other communities that are improving our social environment through different initiatives. So today we want to share them with you and hope you can join their great causes as well.


This is a group of 3 wonderful cat lovers that are promoting the sterilization of feral cats and with this create awareness in Ensenada, Baja California about the feral cat overpopulation. Accordingly, their main goal is to avoid abandonment, mistreatment and an uncontrolled poblation of cats.

You can follow this project here:

ARSE (Asociación de Sordos de Ensenada)

Understanding someone without hearing them isn’t hard, you just have to be a little more patient and willing. That’s what ARSE is teaching Ensenada’s community through different approaches like collecting hearing aids or sign language lessons, amongst others. In brief, their great causes are related to seek a better understanding of the deaf community everywhere starting home.

Casa Hogar del Anciano

They have been in the care of Ensenada’s elders for 65 years. This is a Non-Profit organization whose main focus is to give a quality life to the older population of Ensenda. So they help by providing special orthotics, temporary or permanent residence, and other services. You can help and learn more about their programs here:

Casa Hogar Santa Teresita

They focus on little girls and young women who are in vulnerable situations. So, they promote amongst the rescued girls the value of education and the importance of having a life plan. Their great causes include everything from accommodation, feeding, education, and psychology to recreation and workshops. Learn more about them here:

As for our Advancio family and CEO Karim Jernite, we were more than happy to help along in their journey and hear from their own passionate voices why they continue working with these projects.

Long life to these heroes!

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