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Digital transformation is one of the most recurrent topics of the technological and information era. But do you really know the extended scope of performance and scale that it could provide to your company? Continue reading to keep up with the latest trends and boost your digital technologies and strategies!

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Digital Technology Trends for Upcoming Years

According to Entrepreneur and Forbes (2022), the following features are here to stay in terms of trends:

  • Hybrid work modalities are on the rise with more flexible arrangements. According to Gallup (2021), 54% of remote employees said they preferred to split their time between working at home and in the office.
  • Blockchain and the metaverse will continue to be in the loop in a world where cryptocurrency is increasingly used. This has represented an investment that enhances the management of supply chains, transactions, and relationships with partners.
  • Data security and protection are a top priority for companies because users and customers are demanding more online security. While people are becoming more conscious and suspicious, digital technologies offer more mechanisms to shield information inside your business. This trend is now a very powerful attribute for businesses, especially in the finance, tech, and e-commerce industries.
  • Extended hybrid system adoption with cloud computing and multi-cloud architectures like Agile and DevOps to make the transition from legacy systems to more digital frameworks. This approach streamlines business processes and allows real-time data processing to meet increasingly larger market needs.
  • AI, machine learning, and automation will be majorly integrated into more IT solutions as well as more advanced technologies. These allow organizations to increase their level of data protection and security. The technology provides further analytics, insights, and algorithms for searches. You can most often see this in marketing and sales departments.

In this scenario, Digital transformation means not only aggressively integrating technology into existing processes but optimizing performance and embracing new mindsets for doing things. As a result, you’ll have a significant impact on both the customer experience and production innovation.

What Are the Types of Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation means the adoption of technology, this approach doesn’t have to be in one way or another. Depending on your goals and integration time, these are the different types of digitalization:

  • Process information: This technological integration involves a modernization of internal and external processes such as manual tasks, administrative functions, and customer experience to reduce both cycle times and costs.
  • Business model transformation: This change drives a major strategy shift to deliver value for customers as not only a naive approach but a fully focused endeavor.
  • Domain transformation: This adoption represents a redefinition of products and services to include segments and delivery platforms which will extend the business’s scope, opportunities, and IT solutions as well as create new value for it and its customers.
  • Organizational transformation: This vision encourages organizations to adopt a digital culture in which agility and flexibility are part of management’s decision-making by redefining mindsets, processes, and workflows, among other things.

These efforts are less complex than you might think when we talk about AI, automation, and machine learning. Many tools and programs like Microsoft 365 and Power Platform allow you to easily manage workflows and measure performance. Read more about it here What Are Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform?

Take Advantage of your Digital Transformation Strategy

According to Gartner, digital transformation is related to IT modernization, digital optimization, and even the creation of digital business models. While this would imply remaining competitive, the reality is no one would want to miss opportunities to create more effective business cycles.

“Digital transformation is either do-or-die, or capitalize on market opportunity. Either way, speed to market dictates the transformation, gaining or retaining market share dictates it as well. A lot of times, these efforts when they happen, they have zero room for error. They have to be perfect, in the sense, if you define perfect as reaching the goal of delivering business value on a digital platform”.  

Said Karim Jernite, Co-Founder of Advancio. 

Even when it may sound obvious, defining your goals and type of digitalization alongside rethinking your strategy are the initial steps. It’s not about creating value through digital technology, but instead creating innovative and agile processes to generate more growth opportunities. In that way, the digital transformation will represent a competitive advantage that will deliver value to the consumer. This can be seen in:

• Optimizing workflows and processes to scale business operations in time and effectiveness.
• Securing your data and measuring processes to monitor your performance.
• Predicting customer behavior and preferences to create more tailored experiences.
• Rethinking your tasks, strategies, and outcomes to drive needed changes in business processes in an accurate and timely manner.

Remember that a clear vision of the business road map in the short, medium, and long-term will allow you to implement these transformations in a scaling approach that meets your budget. Furthermore, an innovation culture that encourages people to implement changes when they are needed should be gradually implemented. Finally, prioritizing the investment on digital technologies is a must.

Using new technologies will guide you to a starting point. But counting on an IT partner to implement these will give you the boost you need to say goodbye to old-fashioned systems and methodologies. Don’t wait any longer and Start your Digital Transformation now!

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