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The insurance industry has experienced numerous challenges in data entry, claim processing and validation as well as in response times. Beyond migrating purchases to apps or digitizing documents, AI has emerged as a key-driver to optimize processes and customer experiences.

On the insurer side, some operations are slow and can be slower due to manual tasks and human errors. On the customer side, these delays and lack of information can be the difference between purchasing your service or not. Without a doubt you need to be ready to modernize your business model and get ahead of your customers’ needs. Therefore, our approach is to take advantage of AI and its derived solutions.

This June, Advancio’s consultants Arnaud Lasson, Jose Arreguin, Gustavo Espinoza, and Rosy Politron were invited to our Tech Talk to share their expertise on AI and how it revolutionizes digital transformation, chatbot, warehousing, and conversational AI in the insurance industry. Hence, our speakers tackled legacy systems, manual processes, and delivery of services. Don’t miss it because there were some data entry, data validation, and claim processing insights.

Watch our Tech Talk: 5 Ways AI Is Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry and boost your claim processing alongside other insurance’s pain points.

Topics We Covered in This Talk about AI

  • 1:25 Introduction
  • 5:56 What happens if your business still has legacy systems, especially in data processing? How can we improve this?
  • 7:46 In terms of insurance experience Vs. get operations done, how can you know if you have the right tech team in your business?
  • 9:34 What about digital transformation, is it necessary to enhance data-driven processes and decision-making? How can we start?
  • 11:14 How can we take advantage of automation to reduce times and manual processes?
  • 13:04 How can we make smart decisions based on data? Where should we be looking for these answers?
  • 14:10 How can we improve our customers’ experience from data entry to claims processing?
  • 16:21 How can we improve instant answers for our clients as well as provide them with more information during the delivery of services?
  • 19:42 Q&A: What’s the first step to improve my legacy systems?
  • 20:53 Q&A: Finding tech talent has become a challenge these last couple of years, can I use AI to boost the recruitment process?
  • 22:31 Q&A: To meet the increasing demand for service deliveries, will establishing and implementing digital transformation and automation strategies be the next step?
  • 23:30 Q&A: How can automation help businesses retain their talent?
  • 26:06 Q&A: Sharing experiences with AI in the insurance industry.
  • 33:51 Outro

On the whole, Advancio offers you specialized advice on your digital transformation, business process automation, and AI solutions like chatbot, conversational AI, and warehousing. For the same reason, we are your IT partner in matching you with global tech talent.

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