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Hello Advancians!

Since quarantine, we have switched our daily routine a bit. For the last couple of months, there was a need to stop everything and abide by the security measures established by the government. Meanwhile, now in a phased way, various industries will have more opportunities and any restaurant will be able to renew their activities in order to get into our new normal.

In fact, one of the industries that we, the food lovers, had missed the most it’s definitely the food one. Consequently, restaurants are adapting to our new normal and have great options to offer. In order to stay safe, but full of happiness, they will offer delivery service, pick-up, or curbside pickup. So for our Advancians food and beer lovers, we created this directory that might be useful during this pandemic period of our lives to find a good restaurant!

Local Restaurants

  • Terra Noble  (Price range: $$)
    Tel: 646 174 7253   Service: Order and pick up  Menu: Changes every week
  • Stella Pizza (Price range: $$)
    Tel: 646 204-8089   Service: Order and pick up / Delivery   Menu:Check here
  •  Manso (Price range: $$$)
    Tel: 646 101-1197   Service: Order and pick up / Delivery  Menu: Check here.
  • Astirllero 10 (Price range: $$)
    Tel: 646 174-7253   Service: Order and pick up  Menu: Changes every week
  • Madre Restaurante (Price range: $$)
    Tel: 646 162 4999   Service: Order and pick up / Delivery  Menu: Check here
  • Vikingos Buffalo Wings (Price range: $)
    Tel: 646 143-3395   Service: Order and pick up / Delivery  Menu: Check here
  • Luz de Luna (Price range: $)
    Tel: 646 -2484706   Service: Order and pick up / Delivery  Menu: Changes every week
  • Thor Craftberr and food (Price range: $)
    Service: Order and curbside pickup  Menu: Check here
  • Wendlandt (Price range: $$)
    Tel: 646 246-5462   Service: Order and pick up  Menu: Check here. 
  • Allegro Burger (Price range: $$)
    Tel: 646 977-2599  Service: Order and pick up / Delivery
  • Milnovecientos 88 (Price range: $$)
    Tel: 646 162-9976   Service: Order and pick up / Delivery  Menu: Check here.

Local Breweries

Indeed, let’s help the local communities. So, we hope you enjoy at least one restaurant and if you come to Ensenada, please make sure to know more about us!

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