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Company culture is more than a feeling of belonging for the employee to a tech team; it covers work benefits, applied methodologies, and even market differentiators.

In today’s changing environment, where migrating from one job to another is more common than before the pandemic, culture can change the game. So, a company with an interest in building a career for its talent is one where you should definitely work to enjoy more benefits in different areas.

In the Tech Webinar: The Importance of Company Culture, our instructor Carlos, IT Recruiter at Advancio, showed us the different types of culture inside a business, the benefits, and how we can take advantage of it. He also shared with us why IT is one of the most advanced industries in this matter. Watch it here!

Topics We Covered in This Webinar about Company Culture

  • 0:04 Introduction
  • 03:27 What is culture and what is its importance?
  • 07:53  Types of culture
  • 12:16 Evolution of the culture in IT companies
  • 13:04 Why IT is the most advanced industry on culture
  • 15:48 Benefits of having a healthy culture
  • 19:00 Q&A Session
  • 21:30 Q&A: How does business culture affect older generations of employees?
  • 24:40 Q&A: What is the common obstacle when becoming a culture-oriented company?
  • 29:30 Q&A: Can core values be modified once established?
  • 32:31 Outro

Join to our remote teams and discover why working at an organization with a strong culture can really makes a difference in your career growth. Check these tips to nail your remote job interview!

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