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[CA, October] — Advancio, a pioneering force in the world of technology and innovation, is thrilled to join in the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, a vital and meaningful tribute to the rich culture, history, and contributions of Hispanic and Latino communities. 

What is the Hispanic Heritage Month about?

Hispanic Heritage Month, observed from September 15th to October 15th each year, is a time when the United States recognizes and celebrates the countless achievements, innovations, and influences of Hispanic and Latino individuals and communities. The month is a testament to the profound impact of Hispanic culture on our nation’s history, society, and future. 

As a Latina herself, Josie Lopez, Co-Founder of Advancio, underscores the importance of recognizing and celebrating this heritage. She applauds the efforts of communities and organizations that come together during this month to honor their shared history and culture. 

Josie stated,

“Hispanic Heritage Month holds immense significance for me personally and for Advancio as an organization. It’s an opportunity to honor our roots, acknowledge the contributions of Hispanic and Latino leaders, and celebrate the incredible diversity that enriches our nation.” 

How is Advancio participating on Hispanic Heritage Month?

Advancio is actively participating in this celebration by reaching out to industry leaders. In addition, it is inviting them to share their insights, experiences, and stories in a special video web series. At the same time, this initiative aims to educate and inspire people. Most importantly, they foster a greater understanding of the Hispanic and Latino culture’s vital role in the world. 

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, Advancio will be sharing these video interviews and discussions, highlighting the remarkable journeys of industry leaders. Moreover, the influence of Hispanic culture in tech and innovation and the strength that diversity brings to the table. 

 This endeavor aligns with Advancio’s ongoing commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social impact.  It represents an acknowledgment of the importance of understanding and appreciating the various cultures that contribute to the diverse fabric of our society. 

 As a result, Advancio invites its employees, partners, clients, and friends to join this month in 2024. Let’s embrace this opportunity to educate, connect, and honor the Hispanic and Latino culture’s significant impact. 

 To learn more about Advancio’s Hispanic Heritage Month initiatives and to access the video web series, please fill out this contacto form:

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