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When: April 13, 2023
Time: 5:00 PM PST

Are you interested in gender diversity, challenges and opportunities for women leadership in the workplace? This is for you!

About This Talk

There has been a gradual shift towards increasing gender diversity at the top of insurance companies, with more women being appointed to leadership positions as they tend to perform better financially and have higher employee satisfaction rates. This is because diverse perspectives and experiences can lead to more innovative and effective decision-making.

About Our Speakers

insurance industry
Sarah Muniz

Author of Undiscovered Voices: Unlocking the Potential of Women in Insurance

Rosy Politron

Sales Representative at Advancio

Topics to Cover

  1. Challenges that women face to become leaders in the insurance industry
  2. How to create more opportunities for women leaders
  3. How to become a leader
  4. Advice to young women in the industry
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