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We understand that heartbreak can originate for different reasons, but mainly from losing. Losing a partner, losing your trust in someone, losing hope that things could get better. Sad right? It’s not much different when we translate it to our businesses: broken heart cases. Whether we are investing without seeing ROI, losing employees, or missing opportunities, as optimistic as we would like to be, it can be a heartbreaking situation.

Lucky for you, at Advancio we are positive thinkers and believers that technology can sweeten the sourest moment. So, here are some broken heart office common cases we’ve gathered, and the available solutions to unify your systems to improve their customer experience.

Case #1: “In an effort to comply with the recommended cybersecurity protocols I change all my passwords every 2 weeks. But I tend to forget them and get locked out a lot.”
Tech Solution: Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO allows users to log in to multiple systems and applications using one set of credentials. This eliminates the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords. This streamlines the login process and makes it easier for users to access the tools they need.

Case #2: “I work in collaboration with multiple areas, and I love my coworkers. But I can’t help getting mad at them because we step in each other when registering data and I have to stay late correcting master documents.”
Tech Solution: Data Integration

Integrating data from different sources and systems helps to eliminate duplicated data entry, reduces the risk of errors, and makes it easier for users to access and share information.

Case #3: “The systems at work are pretty old, I waste so much time looking and filtering information and data. Honestly, it’s frustrating, I could be doing much more high impact work with a greater exposure.”
Tech Solution: Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

APIs allow different applications and systems to communicate with each other, enabling them to exchange data and share information. This can result in a more seamless user experience. As users can access the information, they need without having to switch between different systems.

Case #4: “Working in customer service, the software we use is our main tool to make things happen for our clients fast. So, it’s very nerve breaking when things don’t work, when data isn’t updated, or info gets lost.”
Tech Solution: Automation

Automation can be used to streamline processes and eliminate manual steps, making it easier and more efficient for users to complete tasks. For example, an integration between a project management tool and a customer relationship management system can automatically update project status when a customer interacts with the company.

Case #5: “As CEO I care about how people experience our brand, we have invested a lot in training, so staff stays aligned with the company’s values and mission, and so it replicates in the service we provide. But now that almost all our services are remote, I often wonder what more we can do with technology to meet the needs of the new digital consumers.”
Tech Solution: Personalized User Experiences

Integrating user data from different sources, such as social media profiles, can help create a more personalized user experience. For example, a music streaming service can use data from a user’s social media profiles to recommend songs that align with their interests and preferences.

By integrating different technologies and systems, companies can provide a more unified and seamless user experience. This can result in increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced overall user experience.

Still Broken Hearted?

Don’t worry, nothing lasts forever. Advancio not only helps you heal these broken heart cases, but also helps you succeed in your business goals. Let’s talk about the tech solutions that you need!


I Want Healing Tech Solutions


While you decide to move forward with your pain points, listen to Advancio’s Broken Heart Club playlist to have a good cry, dust yourself off and get back up! We’ll be right there!


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