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Junior Developer
$35/ hourly
  • 1-2 years of experience
  • 200 user story points 90% completion
Mid Developer
$45/ hourly
  • 2-5 years of experience
  • 300 user story points 90% completion
Senior Developer
$55/ hourly
  • 4-8 years of experience
  • 400 user story points 90% completion
Junior QA
$30/ hourly
  • 1-2 years of experience
  • 2-3 test cases per week
Mid QA
$35/ hourly
  • 2-5 years of experience
  • 2-3 test cases per week
Senior QA
$40/ hourly
  • 4-8 years of experience
  • 2-3 test cases per week

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Our specialty is finding the right people for the right seat. Quality talent = Quality product.

Cost /

Access a prevetted pool of developers and engineers at affordable costs.

Delegate and Thrive

We alleviate the burden of hiring and developing talent, so you can focus on your core business.

Constant Reporting

Open, honest, and transparent communication with clear KPI’s and metrics.

Certifications and Partnerships

Some of Our Milestones


Years in business


App users




Talent Pool

Our Case Studies



We worked on the app’s UI/UX, data extraction to create predictions, dashboards, and quoting systems, and implemented an AI chatbot for their website capable of selling and expanding policies, secure info and process payments.


  • Cost savings of 50%
  • Full team in place in just 4 weeks
  • Legacy system replaced in less than 6 months
  • Increased case closure times by 100%
  • Top quality code


Integrate a platform in which buying auto insurance will be fast and easy, being able to complete the task in just a few clicks


.PowerBI, AI, React Native, Android, iOS, NodeJS



This company needed a scalable and customized Transportation Management System to improve their processes.


With our system, shipping tenders are processed automatically and there is minimal effort for the broker.


  • Forms
  • Dart board
  • Brokers acceptance
  • QA Automation


.Net, .Net Core, C#, Azure, Angular, TypeScript, MVC

NLS Migration


This finance company needed their platform for accounts and loan management replaced with a newer with a more complete system.


  • Needed support for an error code consultation within 48 hours after the same request had been made by their internal team within 30 days.
  • An agile and successful migration on time despite working on a very tight timeline
  • Advancio was able to move past being just another ”outsourcing vendor” to being part of the core team
  • Delivered requests add-ons, such as the integration of 8by8


  • Short timeline to implement the migration
  • Challenging Microsoft access
  • Utilization of queries to make sure features could still work


  • .Net, C#, API Rest/SOAP, SFTP File Interaction, SQL Server, Access, SSIS Packages, VBScript, Report Builder

Responsive Marketplace

Green Tech

The green tech company wanted to create a marketplace for energy transactions that would allow users and suppliers to request and provide energy-saving solutions.


  • The change to Typescript in the final tech stack was just what the green tech company needed to improve their platform performance. Our team completed the basic purchase flow smoothly and helped improve the customer’s journey inside the app by creating different scenarios.


  • Highly responsive platform
  • Major change on used tech stack
  • Deficient UI/UX
  • Coding issues like dependency
  • Communication with in-house


React, Typescript, Next, Postgres, ORM, Amazon Web Services

Spark Rater


We planned and deploy an out of the box solution, integrating a command center, AI, RPA, amongst others, so Spark Rater could work as a point of sale insurance product for carriers, brokers and small insurance companies.


  • The Spark Rater interface is also scalable and fully customizable to allow different types of data requests and calls to action.
  • We deliver a fast, customizable, and easy-to-use interface for selling policies that takes between 30-90 days to to become fully functional
  • The tool provides an important database of your customers and the most accurate pricing policy


  • Create an attractive, quicker and more effective tool for insurance companies
  • Integrate different and complex services in an easy-to-use interface


Angular, .Netcore, MongoDB, Azure

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