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Mexico has always been a coveted destination for Americans, who have made large contributions to the Mexican economy. Currently, Americans are also reporting the benefits of outsourcing to the Mexican economy that reap huge dividends in return for increased investment in the country.

Benefits of Outsourcing Nearshore

The concept is called “nearshore outsourcing”. This is a means of expanding your business with the people you need, but without the time and expense of hiring full-time people.

The strategy then takes into account geographic proximity, political and economic ties as well as cultural and legal similarities. The key for businesses is to have as many advantages as possible while reducing some factors that can affect the workflow at a major level.

Hence, cost reductions are just one of the considerations needed to make a final decision. Furthermore, the chief benefits of outsourcing nearshore to Mexico are:

  • A growing Mexican economy: Mexico is undergoing an “ambitious reform agenda”. This includes overhauls of the education, communications, transportation, and tax systems. As a result, American firms are hoping to gain a nearshore presence there.
  • Proximity: as a U.S. neighbor, communication is real-time and nearshore teams have become a true extension of your business. In case you need last-minute changes, Mexico and the US share the same time zone. That way, there’s a chance you can communicate with your team and they can tackle the urgency of the situation.
  • Expertise: as Mexico positions itself to overtake other countries as a top outsourcing option, it has developed a reliable and deep pool of ultra-talented tech labor. According to, this has been quickly filling in the gaps in the U.S. labor pool.
  • Cost: Mexico provides expert talent at a fraction of the cost of U.S. labor. This goes directly to your bottom line.
  • Cultural exchanges: across the U.S. and Mexico, there are overlapping cultural influences that help reduce the “foreign” feeling. This implies an advantage when you think about outsourcing to countries such as India, China, or the Philippines.

Why Hire Outsourcing Nearshore in Mexico

Beyond foreign investment efforts nearshore, Mexico already has the infrastructure to consider partners for this type of outsourcing. Additionally, the country represents an open market opportunity with higher demand and cost reductions in some areas.

This doesn’t mean that lower fees for Mexican talent will compromise the quality of the project, but quite the opposite. In fact, Mexico is currently the U.S.’ largest goods trading partner and one of the major IT exporters. As you can see, there are more benefits of outsourcing than you initially thought, for example in Baja California.

For more information on how Advancio’s nearshore IT outsourcing can benefit your enterprise, click here or call us at: (888) 407-4030.

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